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hello everyone I introduce myself, I am Djafar from algeria mostaganem (salamane ou berd el hale) im SCF accountant 10 years of experience and I love animals and nature as well as high tech is my passion,
I'm here, thanks to my friend who told me that you will love this platform of steemit and here I hope that it will be well

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Welcome to steemit world. Hope you enjoy :)

Hola bienvenido!!

Hi @djafar00007

Welcome to Steemit

I hope your happy in here

Greetings from Indonesian 🙂


thank you, i love indonesia my mother traveled to this country and spoke to me a lot

Hello nice to meet you hope u all the best

Welcome brother with us in the family and will be one of us, God willing.

Welcome to Steemit!

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Welcome bro

Hi Djafar, I'm Aly. Hope u have a great journy here:)

welcome back

Welcome to steemit!!!

Welcome to steemit!!!

Hey tech guy
Welcome to Steemit

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Hey my friend Djafar
Welcome to steemit
I hope your happy in here

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Welcome to Steem @djafar00007.

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All the Best!!!

Happy to join you to Steemit,
Good luck dear

Hey brother,

Welcome to the platform. Wish ya the best here. Stick with it. Post original content consistently and most Connect by commenting on others pieces. You’ll gain new friends and open up so many new doorways.

Welcome to steemit @djafar00007.

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    Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Hi, Welcome to the amazing world of Sharing and Writing. Hopefully you will have a Happy stay...Make sure to post only Original content and ..Steem On !

Thanks @steemflow

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