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Not the hugest fan of posting a selfie on social media. Enjoy the rare glimpse of me in my native habitat, vending tiedye t-shirts. Please give me a follow here and on Steemit. Looking forward to growing with the community.

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Hello @dirtyhippie!

I noticed you have posted many times since you began your journey on Steemit. That is great! We love active partipants.

I do want to point out that the Introduceyourself tag is meant to be used once only to introduce yourself to the Steemit community. You have now posted 8 times using the introduceyourself tag. Please see this link for more information Tag Spam?

Please take this into consideration and help build a great platform!

Sorry Mr. Bot I thought it was justified because I was introducing myself to the steepshot community. Not sure if a human will read this reply but for what it's worth I tried to edit the tag out... Can't do it on either platform because it was the first tag I chose. Won't happen again though,my bad lol.

The first tag cannot be changed, but if you can change it for future posts, that would be great.

Much success!

And which steemit god decided you can only introduce yourself once and in one way?

Please see the Steemit welcome document.

Where in the document does it say that. not in the introduce yourself section.

I had to go and check myself... I thought it did, but now I remember that it was other articles I read that suggested I only use it once. I used the tag twice. Then some tag abuse bot mentioned me and I stopped.

It seems that people decided a long time ago to give the introduceyourself tag to just fresh accounts so they can get exposure. Of course, there are much worse offenders and there are silly rich developers that will create a new account about some new app they made and use the introduceyourself tag and upvote it to trending.

I never see the really big accounts get messed with by the bots at all. With so many new user's it is a good idea not to use it though.

While I don't fully disagree with your incentive here especially since you only informed and didn't flag, what you're saying here is silly. Have you even read the Welcome document yourself? It doesn't say that you can only use it once, it only says that it's tradition for new users to create an #introduceyourself post.

It is suggested that you only use the introduceyourself post once and in one way. The steepshot community is not actively searching for new steepshot members through the #introduceyourself tag.

While no Steemit Gods decided that you can only introduce yourself in one way, the tag is designed to only be used once per user so that the steemit community has a place to welcome legitimate new users.

By over using this tag, new legit users to the steemit platform get their introduction posts buried much faster and it makes it hard for curators to welcome new users.

There is one user gogogadgetupvotes that only upvotes new legit users that are using the introduceyourself tag for the first time.

Do you fully and whole heartedly believe that everyone should be introducing themselves whenever they want, and as many times as they want? If you do, then there's a problem with your logical reasoning in that there are new people signing up every day and it was decided long ago by the community as a whole that the freshly made minnows have at least one tag to help get exposure. It seems pretty fair to give the newbies one tag. One.

I mean, unless you are that boring that you have to introduce yourself 100 times using the tag. I just re-introduced myself and I didn't use the tag. still got upvotes.

Its always nice to have a face with the name! Im diggin all your tiedye! And screw the bot, if he cant take a joke! ;) Its been busy here lately, Ive seen it on a shit ton of posts! Oh well, keep on keepin on!

Lol the bot nazi has been busy.

Although you got some flack I think your photo intro is fine , since on your old one we did not know if you were real, now we have a face to put to the name :) Welcome. Again.

The funny thing is there is no rule about not using the introduce yourself tag more than once. It's suggested to use relevant tags, but I can't find any actual rule. Your actually not supposed to have more than one account. The person giving me shit seems to have forgotten that lol. I understand their frustration but I believe it was a relevant use of the tag.

welcome to steemit for batter result suppor and follow each other

Nice shot bro. Nice to meet you! Be well.

Thank you I appreciate your support.

I like the t-shirts, you need to do some pictures showing them. About the tags, and the rules, The FAQ says :Be mindful when choosing tags. If your tags aren’t related to your post, your post may get downvotes for mistagging., But that does not mean you can not use what tags you want, it is just another way to allow others to justify down voting someone when ever they feel like it. But that is okay, your vote is your vote, their vote is their vote, and sometimes people are nice. But the issue with bots, yep, should not be allowed, unless they are financed, and they have a real person to complain to when the bot goes awry.

So I just use #justbecause as my first tag, because it was not being used and no one can bitch moan, cry, nor throw a temper tantrum about my using it. They can do that for all the other tags, then I can at my discretion change the tag, or not on all others. I won't even use the blog tag first because some overly sensitive person may get upset if I post a picture with less than 50 words, then tell me that is not a blog, blogs are words not pictures, waa waa waa.

To me it just boils down to a difference in opinion on whats relevant and what isn't on a particular tag. I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it. I do enjoy how passionate people are about this platform no matter how they express it. The irony of people breaking the rules to enforce the rules is pretty funny though. Thanks for the tag advise I put up a new post with #tiedye as the first tag. Hope you enjoy.

Welcome!! We will look forward to dirty pictures... lol no not those dirty pictures... 😛 see ya round!

You don't look so dirty... now you need a shot of you after a long lapidary session. ;)

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