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Goodday Steemit folks,

Has been a while since my introducting on here, because of Christmas and NYE i got to spend some quality time with my family. Did you have nice & cosy holidays?

Beside these events everything around crypto has gone into overdrive. Got fludded with speculations, fake truths and even more stories about losers & gainers. Madness going on for weeks.

Try to keep myself from that, now im seriously working out an plan for a blockchain application.
My idea still stands after doing research for weeks and talking to people about this.
Fair enough, i have to say i'm about to spend a whole lot of time being "ïn" blockchain rather then being on it.
Reading, thinking, discussing and writing has led to a concept which might work.

And so, the more thinking about it, this product asks for an ICO , since it's a pure blockchain app.

Can i / will i / should i / ????

My solo goal for 2018 is building what i have in my mind, that is for sure. Blockchain has really sparked me into finally executing things i really want to do.
Something like having this paper worked out, and then actually trying to get funding for it, seems so far away.
But it really isn't... right?.

Damn all these choices ahead are so cloudy.

So far, so good, i guess and i said what i wanted to say.

The word is out.

Have a great night and stay safe.

I'll be back, sooner or later


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Welcome guys

Welcome to the best community ever. Hope you'll have good time here. Gud people are waiting for you... Feel free to share what you like with me and be in touch @sarinakhan


Thank you for the kind reply :)
Evertime i've been here Steemit seems to improve and there is so much going on...
So much to read, so little time...

We'll be in touch!