A Brave New World!

Who am I?

I am but a man, living in a big, scary world. I live happily with my girlfriend, soon to be fiance. I'm currently looking for a job to help supplement our household. I am 22 years old and ready to take on the oyster that is my world.

What do I like?

Lots of stuff! Namely I enjoy video games and hard rock/heavy metal music. I'm a lazy guy who would (usually) rather stay home and do (effectively) nothing than go out and be social. However I always enjoy time spent with my friends, and Monday night is DnD night!


I love most types of music, from classical to 80's pop to melodic death metal. I enjoy folk music, techno music, proto-metal... You get the point, I like a lot of music. There are only a few genres I don't generally listen to, including most rap, most country, and grunge. 

I don't only enjoy listening to music, I love to make music as well. I have been playing guitar for 11 years, and I will likely be posting content at random intervals. I occasionally play local gigs and teach lessons as well. I love discussing music, whether it be distaste, constructive criticism, or just straight up gushing.


I've been playing games since I was a wee lad, mostly educational games and point and clicks with my mother, but have evolved tastes for shooters, fighting games, MOBAs (namely Smite), and some RPGs. I love playing with my friends, socializing, and kicking ass. Online games are one of my main outlets for socializing. I enjoy discussing games almost as much as I like playing them!

As I mentioned before, I also play DnD with a small group. I enjoy most tabletop RPGs, and I prefer DM'ing over playing, but enjoy it all. 

The Great Migration!

As an avid Reddit user, I was a little hesitant when I heard about Steemit, but I am eager to be able to earn revenue for my posts as well as join a new community! Steemit was detailed and suggested to me by the great @bidnat and @d3nv3r, who are gracefully helping me learn the ins and outs. 

I am excited to try this new platform, with the new year just starting. I think we can make it a great one! I can't wait to get started, thanks for having me!



Hi Metzger! Herzlich willkommen!

Vielen dank!

It takes some hard work and patience to earn Steem, but just get at it. Welcome here.

Thank you! I will take that advice and work hard to earn no more than what I deserve!

Sure, but sometimes you will probably (and righteously) feel that you deserve more compared to others. That's when you need to be philosophical about it :) I am looking forward to your posts!

Well we take what we can get and try not to complain, right?

Yes, that's what being philosophical about it means :)

RIGHT - Try not to complain!

Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome To Steemit!
Hehe You sound like my boyfriend with your video games and stuff. ahhaa.

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Welcome to Steemit! :))

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