Too Old For This? Hello, Anyway!

Hello world!

Seems it's the appropriate etiquette here to write an introductory post of sorts, so here it goes. That's me, sitting in my office... yes, I'm a real person, and possibly too old to be doing something like this, but thought I'd give it a whirl, anyway.

Ended up here as a result of a friend's post on Facebook, asking quite simply "what do you think of this?" with a link to this site. I wasn't really sure what to think, without actually testing the waters, so that's what I am doing.

I find myself slightly hesitant to even write and post these words, as history shows that I represent what many have come to think of as a "trailing indicator." That is, if I'm onboard with something and think it has potential... that's the inevitable signal that the venture in question is old news and about to fold up its tents and vanish.

On the other hand, it's a new year, and the USA seems to be a "strange new world," and I am feeling hopeful about changing that old paradigm into something new and improved. And maybe finally finding "the exception" that proves the rule...

So, about me... I was born in Denmark in 1960 and have lived all over the place, the UK, Spain, France, Kenya, Jamaica... and most recently here in the US, currently in Washington state.

Here's me and my assistant, Shadow, a little black cat with a stubby tail who joined our family this past summer. I have had cats most of my life... you might even say I'm the male equivalent of a Cat Lady. Or not...

I have never had a good "elevator speech" for who I am and what I do-- it's a pretty diverse bag of stuff.

However, I have been a writer for almost as long as I can remember, and recently it occurred to me that I have been writing online for a good bit over twenty years... and the nickname "Denmarkguy" has been in use since I opened my first AOL email account in 1993. It's kind of strange: I'm getting to be that kind of "old" where I realize there are fully adult people I know who have been alive fewer years than my email account.

But I digress. 

So I'm a writer, of all sorts of things, from psychology to commentary on the human condition to art to various other things. I was part of some of the very earliest versions of monetized online writing, and I have been part of dozens, pretty much all of which have failed.

For most of my adult life, I have job surfed from one field to another, mostly in search of ways to get paid something while also avoiding having a "real" job. Truth is, I'm an introvert and I like being at home... to the point where some might call me a misanthrope. 

In addition to writing, I'm an eBay entrepreneur, selling old postage stamps to collectors (a childhood hobby, extended), jewelry supplies and more recently I have been find a creative outlet painting intricate patterns on stones and getting away with calling it "art." 

I'm married, stepfather to three, have two cats, a dog, a fish and a tendency to believe that "everything will turn out OK, in the end."

Maybe that makes me an optimist, or maybe it makes me delusional. Haven't decided... yet.


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Welcome to Steemit. It should be a great place for writers. Good luck and congratulations on being the SV author of the day

@steevc, thanks for the welcome! I'm hoping to use this as a bit of a general interest blog/article site-- we'll see how it goes.

Hello @denmarkguy, welcome to the platform. Im from philippines.

@juvyjabian, thanks for the welcome!

Hello Denmarkguy, hello Shadow, welcome to Steemit! :-)

Welcome to Steemit ...... would love to see you share your art with us.

Hello and welcome to Steemit @denmarkguy - You're never too old! Great post I look forward to more. Upvoted and followed :)

Wonderful post! Welcome to Steemit. You sound a lot like I do, with many of the same thoughts.

@lightsplasher, thanks for the welcome-- this seems like a very friendly community.

What an amazing intro. It is never too old for anything to be honest. Amazing intro! Can't wait to hear more about your pets, or family life. Welcome 💙

@naiahyoung, thanks for the welcome and your kind words! Look forward to getting to know the ropes here... but mostly just to get back into a blogging/story telling routine.

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Hello denmarkguy! Welcome to steemit!! I upvoted and followed you!! Please follow me back😊. Thank You!!!

Welcome, I am sure you will be well entertained by the Steemit crowd;D~

@franks, thank you! Just poking around for now, but it seems like a cool site.

never too old for this! welcome to steemit!

Welcome to Steemit.greets

Det lyder som om du er havnet det rette sted. Steemit er godt for altmuligmænd. Velkommen!

@katharsisdrill, tak for det-- Steemit ser ihvertfald lovende ud.

Hi welcome.

// if I'm onboard with something and think it has potential... that's the inevitable signal that the venture in question is old news and about to fold up its tents and vanish.//

I believe that is some sort of magical thinking. Not sure though.

Cause if that where the case you could join, government, mafia's or other terrorist groups. It would be nice if they would fold up their tents and vanish. lol.

Good luck on steemit.

@wordsword, thank you-- yeah, I get your point, but then I don't rate those very high on "potential," lol!

Thank you for saving me with your reply, it was sort of an awkward joke I realized later.

I took a peek at your website and I like your writings, photo's, art, etc. If you ask me (which you don't)
you will fit in very well in here on steemit........happy camping ;)

Welcome to steemit:) I am curious is this your site?

@cryptoiskey, thanks for the welcome! Yes, that's one of my sites... I'm all over the map.

Just keep it up.

Welcome to Steemit. Stephen

Welcome to steemit @denmarkguy. Best of luck to you

welcome to steemit @denmarkguy

Looking forward to funny pictures of shadow

@ogochukwu, thanks for the greeting-- the little guy does get into everything, so there are plenty of photos!

Välkommen till Steem och Steemit @denmarkguy =)

Själv är jag en anarkokapitalist och blockkejdeentusiast som bor i Sverige. ^^
Jag är 26 år gammal, men jag har sett många här i din ålder och jag hoppas du ska känna dig som hemma!


Welcome to Steemit.