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Real quick, I'm a UI/UX professional in tech. I love cars of all makes and models, both old and new. I recently decided that I wanted to start improving my writing and see how much better I can improve. After all, practice makes perfect right? I have a low starting point so I can only move up from here.

I currently drive a 2016 Ford Focus RS. After years and years lusting over the RS models not offered in the U.S. I finally got my chance to put my itchy driving hands on one.


I'm very passionate for cars and have been ever since I've been able to hit the fun pedal of a car. My car lineage comes from a background of driving, owning, and wrenching on old BMWs, Hondas, Cadillacs, Toyotas, and now a hopped up economy car from Ford. I've autocrossed and ripped around in my cars on the track.

(that's me 3 wheeling my car at a local autocross)

I've spent my career working in technology on the UI/UX front mostly. Naturally, I've noticed some issues with car manufacturers trying to slap touch screens willy-nilly in cars. I can't wait to share my perspective and as well as getting other's perspective on these new digital features vs. more traditional analog versions. Why can't we have both?

I have much to type, products to review, driving impressions, and unpopular opinions to get bashed on. I think this will be fun. I've got 360 videos, road trip stories, first day track experiences, and more to share.

Welcome to my Driver UX.


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