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The price of BTC is increasing and with the new technologies around Bitcoin and the huge investments that continue to enter, it is fair to say that most believe that the price is going to skyrocket. If you like it and do not have much money to buy, go well to make the investment worthwhile. He pulled the taps and imagined something more stable than changing what he won with effort. So you found your way to STEEMIT! The price of STEEM to BITCOIN was at ฿ 0.00557868 today! It has been increasing rapidly and, as it has stabilized recently, people will start selling. Again, with more investment and users coming together, it's quite a hook! But what is the best way to earn more as you start?



Your SP is your steam power that STEEM earns you, as the power grows, you gain more power and that creates more, so it is vital to build this. Doing this comes from getting involved and producing good articles, voting and commenting.


Voting can make you pay when you have a higher level, however, for now, it is best to publish useful content material, if you do not know what to publish just think about valuable things for others, guides, tutorials, tips, ideas! Interesting articles with information. Some run your account as a regular social network account, but I imagine that, unless you are a little famous or do not do something of interest, it may take a while to get it.


The more you use, the more you get, something like anything with life, the more energy and time you enter, the more you get! Steemit will not be the place where you get rich in images, put a little effort and you think something interesting and useful. The publications do not take long when you're used to it, so just think that soon you'll be fine!


You can comment on what can earn you little or much, it depends on whether the article works well and attracts many viewers, but still build your SP slowly.


Using photos helps break the text and makes the article more attractive. At first, if you're not used to forum-type websites, it can be difficult, but the easiest thing is to upload your images to an online web server such as and get the image address by doing Right click on the image on the web page. Then copy and paste this link into your publication and boom! There you go! Alternatively, you can right-click on Google photos to put them in your article with the same method, but be careful with copyright.


Try to stay constant, because with any social network this will ensure that you build SP and earn money for the people who vote your publication. If you give up, you'll never get there, so try posting on a regular day of the week to make sure you get your content out.


Keep your wallet growing and earn more and more! This way you will soon be able to vote and win a lot of this! For now, use my little tips and you should take off fairly quickly, but remember how a plane trying to take off needs a lot of energy to get going. Accelerate until your proper climate to slow down!


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