Welcome! I get INTJ in IRL questioning, and most recently ENTJ. Of course this isn't very scientific and if anything shows preference to thinking rather than personality type. Not taking into account mental mode switches depending on circumstance, environment, set and setting, etc.

Welcome to Steemit! Congrats on rising from your death. Not many have accomplished this feat!

Welcome to Steemit! :)
Btw, since you are resurrected from the dead, are you a zombie, vampire or god? :D

Thanks. I suppose it depends on levels of caffeination :)

willkommen bei Steemit! viel Spaß auf der beten Plattform der Welt!

Danke schön :)

Hi! Welcome to steemit :)

Hey Raleigh, welcome to Steemit :-)

Sorry that we took mining away :-(

Thanks :)
Never, ever do that again! ;)
So it's no longer possible to create account other way than via

You can with anonsteem. I am sure there are other ways too.

Hello, and welcome to the community!

welcome to steemit @decentral =)

you are welcome =)

Welcome to steemit 😀

welcome to steemit!

Oh Mining God!

lol nice one.

Welcome to the platform! :)

welcome to steemit Raleigh , it might take a while, but have fun and enjoy . More blessings to come your way. ;-))

my pleasure @decentral , make your day interesting and special ;-))

Haha a very entertaining read. Welcome! :)

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks :)

Welcome to Steemit :)

welcome to steemit @decentral

It is a pleasure for you to join us on this awesome platform. Looking forward to your posts.

You can participate in the 50 word story contest for new steemians for a chance to win Big

Sure. Looks like Steem is pretty cool even without mining :)

very welcome ! What an interesting introduction . I follow for more .

Thanks . I'll do my best :)
God. Writing this one was so exhausting.

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