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I am a married 39 year old (yes...40 is almost here!) father of four living just south of Nashvegas (Nashville, TN) with an awesome life! I have always lived in Tennessee but have taken a few different paths through the years as I have grown. It is amazing the different stages of life and what is important and a priority in each one. You definitely change as you get older.

I am definitely not the same person I was in kindergarten.
I mean... I have A LOT less hair now.

Hey ladies!

Of course, like all good Nashville natives I was in a band in college that played a few gigs. We had a blast and I loved writing songs. We played a lot of alt-country original music and loved it. We had a similar sound to bands like Son Volt, Ryan Adams, Old 97s, WhiskeyTown.
(You should look these bands up!)

Check out these GUYS!

My path from college lead me through being a youth minister, working in sales for a few years and eventually getting the bug to dive into development. Through my passion for development I discovered cryptocurrency and attempted mining bitcoin. I sucked at it. I bought the parts to build a computer using a milk crate as the casing (because everyone else was doing it!) and couldn't get it work for any amount of time that was worth anything. I eventually sold it off but did manage to get a bitcoin or two in the end.



So I enjoy the cryptocurrency talk but more intriguing to me is the journey of software development. I recently finished a 6 month bootcamp and started working as a software developer. This has been one the toughest challenges of my life! Learning this stuff late in life and moving from a completely different career field is not easy. Understanding computer science principles and thinking algorithmically has been a serious mind shift. It is definitely a field where you don't know what you don't know but have the opportunity to grow SO MUCH!


I started learning the basics of programming without an understanding of DRY principles. I had no idea of the need for pure functions and immutability and the power of a functional language. The more I learn about it the more intrigued I am. By no means am I an expert in this but I love being a part of the discussion.


I graduated with a degree in Bible but started out on my journey just loving the ideas of great philosophical discussions and understanding ideas of who we are and why we are here. Those are simple yet deep questions that are always fun to explore. In fact, if you haven't read these books then I think you should pick them up for quick easy reads that are definitely thought experiments:


Definitely my top interest is my family. Just look at theses kids?!? :)



Well, here is my quick intro and hopefully it gave some insight into who I am. I am glad to be on Steemit and learn all the different things it can used for and start to get better understanding of cryptocurrency and its place in social media.

Thanks for letting me jump on the train! :)


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Welcome to Steemit! Hope you have fun!

Thanks!!!! 👍

welcome! you'll like it here :)

Thanks! I am already enjoying it! 💯

Welcome to steemit!
Im 39 years old

Nice! Nothing like growing up in the 80s.

The 80s are the best!! ;-)

Welcome to steemit. You have a beautiful family!

Welcome to steemit! upvoted and followed


Excellent intro, Dayne! Glad to see you here! Also glad I added you to my steemvoter so you got my upvote. :)

Thanks, @lukestokes! 👍

Really a great introduction. Resteemed and welcome. :)

Thanks!!! Glad to be involved in the community!

Welcome to Steemit. Nice pictures and family. Very happy for you to see you smile. Upvoted and following you. Feel free to do the same for me (only if you want to). Blessings.

Thanks!! 👍

You're welcome. I meant every words.

반갑습니다. nice to meet you~! i'm "kwak" in kr

nice,welcome to steemit..

Thanks! Love the concept and this place!

Whats up ?

Just enjoying life! 🎉

Good :))

welcome to steemit :) best start here with your family picture.

Thanks! They are definitely an awesome crew. Glad I get to do life with them!

Welcome on Steemit @daynewright :) I encourage you to follow me at https://steemit.com/@imperfect-one :) Cheers!

Sure thing!

Welcome to steemit. What busy life being a father. Im also a father of 3 kids they are in their terrible stage but its fun. Hope you follow me too!

It is a lot of work but a great gig if you can get it! The old saying "The years are short but the days are long" is definitely true.

Welcome to Steemit Dayne! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. Have a great time here. See you around! :-)

Hi Dayne, A big warm welcome to Steemit. Upvoted and Followed.

Welcome to steemit!
You have a lovely family there. I'm just starting mine 😄
I hope you were able to keep that bitcoin. It's up to $2800. I guess it payed for the computer.
I never heard of Sophie's World before, but the concepts the other two books bring I enjoy.
Let's have fun growing out steemit accounts!

I still have some bitcoin in cold storage. :).
You should read Sophie's World! It is a good overview of philosophers through the years in the story of a girl that gets letters in the mail questioning who she really is. Fun read!

Welcome to the community! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

beautiful children you must be proud of them

Welcome to steemit! Beautiful family! 😊


Welcome to steemit @daynewrite. You will do great here

I was born in Hendersonville and lived in White House until I was 14

Fun! Definitely not the worst state to grow up in. ☺️

Ok, I will go with that, not the worst.

Ha! 👍

Welcome to steemit @daynewright! You have a lovely family. They must keep you busy :) Hope you enjoy your time on steemit!

We do stay busy but I wouldn't have it any other way! 🎉

Saluton kaj bonvenon je steemit. Nashville, yeah the old good music. We had just the new band Applewood Road over here in U.K. Well rooted stuff.
Nice to see you with your whole tribe on board. Enjoy the journey!

Nice to meet you @daynewright. Awesome gif by the way. Welcome to Steemit!

Thanks!! It seemed like a fun twist on showing I am real.

Welcome to steemi Dayne! Don't forget to have fun, right :D

Yep!! And I am loving it!! 🤗

Good to hear! :)

Welcome to Steemit! Followed you :)


Welcome and great post! Steemit is an amazing platform and its great to have you here! If you are ever hungry... dont go to my page! hahah :P Alla x

Welcome to steemit, @daynewright!


Glad to be here for sure!

Welcome to Steemit!!!

Thanks, @malonmar!

welcome to steemit

Thanks! Having fun being a part of this community!

You have a wonderful family sir! welcome to Steemit :), just followed you

Welcome to steemit!! What a lovely family you've got! Happy steemin!

Absolutely loved your intro. Wished mine was as cool(😞). However, welcome to Steemit. Enjoy your time here. Following you, feel free to follow back

Welcome to Steemit, you have a lovely family

Howdy @daynewright!

Hi, welcome to steemit, nice to meet you @daynewright.
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No pics of moshing

Can you please comment on your pre birth experience. Thanks for your valuable time.

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Hello [email protected] daynewright..Welcome to steemit community...Complete and happy family..Happy steeming..Upvoted and followed

lovely family :)

Welcome to steemit, great introduction post.
I follow :)

welcome aboard dayne !! :) enjoy the ride is going to be a crazy one!

Nice to meet you. Awesome sincere story. I had a classmate from Tennessee. Interesting music thing as well, gonna look it up and listen for my next road trip. I enjoy country type of stuff even though I am from Petersburg, Russia.

Fun! I work with guys that are in Lviv almost every day.

What a great family you have!
Great introduction post @daynewright!
Welcome :)

We do enjoy life together! 🎉

Welcome to Steem @daynewright I have sent you a tip

Welcome aboard and Steem On!

Thanks! Glad to be a part of the Steemit family!

What a great intro! You have a beautiful family. Welcome to Steemit. I look forward to your posts.
Upvoted and following!

Thanks! I love it so far.

Very nice intro, welcome to this family. You can leave your old one now.

Thanks @nicnas! Excited to learn more.