I'm Dawn, and I'm bringing practical libertarianism for modern families to Steemit!

Hello Steemit! I'm Dawn, and I'm a stay-at-home mom of 3 healthy daughters, a work-from-home executive, blogger, and urban gardener. I'm also a libertarian. I hope to share my take on what practical libertarianism looks like in the setting of a modern (and often chaotic) household. 

I’m all about the effective, practical application of libertarian principles to daily life, including self-reliance and sustainability at home, as well as gentle parenting methods, ethical shopping, using food as medicine, self-maintenance, and curating holistic evidence-based health and wellness solutions for myself and my family. 

I plan to write about these topics from my own unconventional voluntaryist point of view, as well as share my favorite tips, real food recipes, and a few of my own tried and true home remedies for healthy families and healthy pets.

My goal is to inspire and empower other like-minded individuals with hands-on ways to live freer lives today. I believe that together, we can do more than just talk about freedom; we can live it fully in this lifetime! 

I am so inspired by what I've been seeing on Steemit! What an awesome entrepreneurial platform, and a great way to make liberty real! 

“Unless we can make liberty real, it just doesn’t have a future. But when we do make liberty real, and begin to kind of look at our own lives and figure out how it matters to us as individuals in terms of our daily choices… there’s several things that happen: We become happier. We become more successful. We become smarter, more discerning. We recapture a sense of personal power, which is… essential to our humanity. But there’s something else, when we all do this together and the idea spreads, so evermore people living free, you actually build a new kind of social order. You’re actually building out the structures of a realized liberty, despite the tyrannies that happen in our time, and you begin to outpace the capacity of government to manage human life. That’s a beautiful thing.” —Jeffrey Tucker, Liberty Classics: The Art of Being Free 

All of us can play a role in a bottom-up peaceful revolution by doing everything in our power to maximize personal liberty — in our lifetime.  

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I look foward to seeing your home remedies, I am trying to get into that myself.


Hi @livefromny! Thanks for reading my post and upvoting it! I'm so glad to hear you're interested in my tried and true home remedies. :)

@dawnlindholm thank you for the post! and welcome to steemit!


Hi @robok! Thank you for the warm welcome, and for reading, upvoting, and commenting on my first post.