Hello Steemians, Dannese here 🤗

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IMG_2835.JPGHello Steemians!
My name is Dannese de la Cruz. I am a registered nurse and I'm currently taking up Medicine. I love to travel and I also love to swim, play lawn tennis, basketball and football. In my spare time, I try to see to it that I still get to play my guitar and piano.

I used to write poems and songs but unfortunately, due to the demands of Med School, I wasn't able to write more of those lately. For the past 3 years of being in Med School, I felt empty and dull for I was just keeping everything in. I need some form of outlet. I have to let these thoughts of mine out. So one of my goals for this year is to be able to express myself more by writing poems and songs like I used to. There is always that feeling of satisfaction whenever I get to write whatever it was that I was thinking or feeling at that moment. I wish to be able to get that feeling of being whole again. And to be able to achieve that, I must get back into writing.

Funny how life has it's perfect timing. During these times wherein I was thinking of going back into writing poems and songs again, a friend of mine approached me and told me about Steemit and I decided to try it out. I'm happy that I've finally found a place where I could express my thoughts and get to share it with others as well. I'm also excited to share my travel adventures here. I am ending my first post with a picture of mine when I last went to Baguio City last December, along with the promise of getting back into writing in the hopes of being able to find that feeling of being a satisfied and whole person again.IMG_8994.JPG


Thank you for being here @dannese as a community we need more like you :)

Oh I'm touched by what you said 🙈 thank you so much!

Hi! Welcome to Steemit! Feel free to use the platform as your outlet to your problems or anything! Have fun staying here!

Thank you! :)

Welcome kabayan! Keep steeming... 😎👍

Thank you, kabayan! 😊

Welcome to the community! I just joined Steemit myself about 2 weeks ago. Make sure to check out Steemfollower since it is a great way to get upvotes which could be difficult at the start since you don't have that many followers!
Followed! Wish you all the best luck!

Thank you! Followed you back as well :)

Hey @dannese, welcome to Steemit.

Hope it provides you a good and motivating platform for pursuing your poetry and song writing goals, and gives you a break from the intense difficulty that I can only assume med school to be.

Steem has a lot of different sub-communities here; while I don't know much about the songwriting ones, I know that @IsleofWrite and @theWritersBlock are the main writing communities I have found in my time here.

Let me know should you run into any questions about Steem, and I'll do my best to give you answers based on my experiences here. Otherwise, always happy to help in whatever way I can.

Best of luck to you in all of your creative goals, Dannese!

Hi @carmalain7! Yeah, I really hope Steemit will serve as my break from Med School. Still currently learning my ways around here though.
Hoping to be able to join a sub-community as well. Thank you so much for being so kind to a newbie like me 😅

Welcome to Steemit. It's a great place for writers to get rewarded for their work.

Good luck

Thank you! 😊

hello kabayan.
Welcome to Steemit community.
Have a great time here.

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Thank you, kabayan! 😊

Hi @dannese, Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome on steemit.

If you wanna get upvotes on your posts then follow @gauravgpt60

Hi @dannese, welcome to Steemit. Here to show a newcomer some support with a little upvote. Hope you will enjoy your time here!

Thank you for the upvote! 😁

Welcome to steemit! Hope you will enjoy your time posting your poems here :)
So you are from the philippines?
That is a really beautiful landscape !

Best of Luck!

  • Lars

Thank you! It is indeed beautiful in Baguio City. And yes, I am from the Philippines.

Welcome! Greeting from South Korea! I am new to steem as well. Lets enjoy steem world together! Will you be my friend? I will follow you~

Oh really? Welcome to Steem too! And yes of course, we could be friends. 😄

Hey there strawberry chocolate girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and and I love basketball too and I love your photos and your love for life. SO beautiful.

Thank you, Oatmeal Joey! 😉

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Welcome to Steemit @dannese.

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