An Introduction... NYC Artist and Musician

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Hello Steemit! My name is Dane Patterson. I’m a visual artist and musician. I was born in Columbus, Indiana and have been living in Brooklyn, NYC for the last 15 years. I’ve been showing my graphite pencil drawings for the last 12 years in NYC galleries and Internationally. I’ve had solo shows in Paris, Singapore, NYC, and Indianapolis. I’ve also had some of my experimental electronic music released on Brooklyn’s Fabrica Records, and recently through Canada’s Power Moves Library.
You can see more of my artwork on my website

Here on Steemit I plan to share links to my recent animation studies that I’ve drawn and animated in Adobe After effects. I’ll also be sharing a group of very random sketches that I’ve been working on. I’ve been calling them Insomnia Notes…

insomnia notes copy.jpg

These images are pencil on paper and sometimes iPad pro drawings. These are essentially my sketchbook as I brainstorm and plan to work on new larger pencil drawings.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my introduction!

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Hey mate! Welcome to steemit!

Welcome to Steemit @danepatterson I am very happy to be friends with you and I want to get to know you deeper in steemit

Nice intro Dane, Look forward to seeing more of your work. Welcome to Steemit.


Thanks @eroche ! I appreciate it.

Hey Dane, welcome to Steem! :-)

Always great to see another Nyc'er here. That's some awesome work on the website and here. It'll be fun to follow along and watch your content, welcome.

Welcome to Steemit! Great to have another New Yorker on board.


@voronoi thanks!

welcome! usually artists do well on steemit.
good luck


Hey @rmach ! I hope it goes well. It's fun anyway. Thanks!

Welcome to steemit @danepatterson. You will do great here

got here from your fathers post on @billykeed 's poetry

Welcome and have a good time, your imagery is strong and does break apart the daily patterns got me to step back, or was it the Pink Floyd song :D

The more artists and musicians the merrier! Welcome!

Welcome to Steemit!

Great to see another NYC creative here! Cheers & welcome!


@heidikole ! Same to you. Thanks a lot!

Nice work Artist :)
Following you for more amazing work :)

Welcome aboard! Follow me at