"What we do in life, will echo for eternity..."

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Hi, took some time to start my upload n finally introduce myself…my apology. Had to check this out n understand this whole cryptocurrency deal… with some persuasion by @kaerpediem n @artik, here I am…

Generally passionate about Event Management n being a show producer,… love to travel (and would love to travel more and working on it) as just to see different things, places n people… out of my ordinary days…. Mostly I get the chance to travel due to work n this has forced me to manage my time between work n being a tourist...

So I will share n upload random personal pics n vids (if any) of my travel and work experience…. for it's these random moments that add a spark to life, the kind that you will remember many, many years from now… pics of people, places, buildings, and even my backyard!...

So…I would love to share that spark with you Steemians n great to meet y’all…

Landing at Melbourne..

And there's light!... after 6 hours of transit at a non-smoking airport

...n hope, seeing my rock idol's own jumbo jet...

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Congratulations to you my friend, I welcome you to a beautiful friendship relation with us and look forward to a long term association with us. I wish we share loads of beautiful moments to be cherished forever.

Please follow me and upvote my posts. Thanks!


Thanks for the warm welcome... looking forward...

welcome to steemit @dalemajid and great to have you onboard teammalaysia


...hi thanks, this'll be exciting!....

And you did it!!! Welcome!!!


ya...did it, will try to contribute as much as possible...thanks for converting me, I'm a Steemian!!

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