Introducing Daiany Nascimento

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Who am I? 

Hi everyone! My name is Daiany, from Brazil and I'm 25 years old. 

What I like? 

I really like to write, especially poems and I was very happy to find Steemit! Here I intend to add my simple texts and expose my feelings,  thoughts and talk about life, love, art and more!
I  like reading, writing, learning more about science and philosophy,  go to the movies, be with my friends and my boyfriend. I like to travel, know new places, learn different languages and get in touch with different cultures.
I like everything that inspires us to be better people, to help others and to contribute to making the world a better place. I desire these things with all my heart.

What I don't like? 

I don't like people who lie and deceive other people.
I don't like wickedness and I don't like to see so much suffering around the world.
And I don't like to know that unfortunately I can't do anything to change certain things.
I just can change myself.

I hope you like my texts and know that I will always be open to new friends!

Below you can read a short excerpt from one of my poems: 

If you need to talk,
Make your words unique.
If you need to work,
Work so you can leave your best part on this earth.
If you need to die,
Remember your life, you are everything.
And if you need to live,
Just live. 

Author: Daiany Nascimento

Steemit Blog: @daianynascimento 

Steemit Chat: daiany.nascimento 

Site: Writings of a Star 


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Welcome to Steemit, Daiany.

Welcome to Steemit. :)

Welcome to Steemit, Daiany! By looking at your interests, it seems you found the right website :) I think there is lots of content here for almost all of your interests, so you should check out some of the tags for those, and I am sure you will find a lot of interesting content. Except for the part about going out with your friends and boyfriend; that will probably not be possible on Steemit :P

Thank you very much! :)

Ola Daiany tudo bem?
Meu nome é William do Canal Minerando na Rede, obrigado por acompanhar o canal, já estou seguindo aki na steemit...seja bem vinda!!!

Olá! Muito obrigada! :)
Também já estou seguindo você!
Parabéns pelo canal!

Welcome to the family, hope you enjoy Steemit!:)

welcome chica! you will love this platform I join here more than a week ago and enjoy it so much that I divorce from facebook jaja. I read you like arts when you have a chance check my arts collection right now I just have a few but will post more in this week or so. take care and enjoy Steemit.:)

Welcome to Steemit! :))

like ur intro and also poem @daianynascimento

Welcome, looking forward to your future posts, it's really a lot of fun here in this creative community. Hope your stay is welcoming, inspiring, and positively influential on both ends. Upvoted

hope you can bring us interesting ideas.

I hope you enjoy my content :)

Hi @daianynascimento!!!! Welcome to Steemit and see u around!!! 😊

Seja bem vinda Dayani. Precisando de ajuda , estou à disposição. Beijos, Abraços e até mais.

Welcome @daianynascimento this will be a nice travel adventure here on Steemit.

Thank you! :)
I hope so!

Welcome Daiany and Steemit on ! (;

Boa! Legal ver quem escreve por aqui, tenho uns poemas mas sou meio tímido pra postar kk, uma hora dessas eu tomo coragem!