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I am naughty. I am fun. I am crazy. I am sure!


Hello steemians, I have waited long for this moment.
I was very excited when my steemit account was finally approved thanks to @uc-phoenix who introduced me to steemit and walked me through it all.
Hey, if you are waiting for my biography, I’m sorry I can’t even spell B-I-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y.
Oops! Okay you got me there. I probably can spell it but I don’t know what it means. Or do I?
Okay. Sorry, that’s some topic for another day.


My name is Victory Onyedikachi (means …who is like God). Two names I cherish because they’ve gone on to have major impacts in my life.
I’m the middle born in my family and like all “middlers” we have our way of making the family revolve around us. Now, scratch that. I know we sometimes can go unnoticed so that’s why we end up being the mischief makers, the noisy ones and all other stunts we pull just to grab our fair share of attention. Unmph!! The things I’ve got to do. Smh.
I’m currently in my final year at school, studying economics but trust me when I tell you that I’ve got way more interests and passions that also keeps me going. I’m also a hair stylist, an excellent cook , an avid reader of stories and a writer and some people say “a troublesome fellow”. I’m definitely not! I just need to get your attention every now and then. I can be reeeaallly reeaally shy and quiet. I think so.:-).


Anyways, I see steemit as a platform of endless opportunities. Where I can talk just about anything that crosses this naughty mind, explore opportunities, showcase my talents and interact with this wonderful community.


I know I’m rambling but permit me to say one last thing. My heart felt gratitude to @uc-phoenix, who though still relatively new, was able to guide me to the starting point. I’m also grateful to @cwen, @gerald.knows and @nairadaddy who helped @uc-phoenix at his starting point, without which he would not have been able to help me.
Lastly, I’ve heard and seen a lot about @airclinic and @stach. These are two communities on steemit I can’t wait to be a part of.


Thank you, Steemians. Do help me enjoy this ride.

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very sweet you are young lady.Welcome to steemit and hope to see you again with more charming of luck


Thank you so much @jackorobin. Oh yes, you sure will see me again.

@d-katchy welcome to Steemit, the home of champions. I am in #owerri, we can connect and build our community.

you are welcome. ensure to always use the right tags. hope to see you wonderful contributions to the community.


Thanks a lot. Please keep helping me with good advice.

Hello and welcome to steemit! Wish you all the best :)


Thank you


I wish you all the best.

Feel free to check out my blog @maxdigi. This way we can support each other.



Welcome to Steemit @ d-katchy! Glad to have you here. I'm an adventure filmmaker, I've been doing it full time and making films about it for a few years. I post some tutorials and stuff about it on my blog, so check it out if you're interested! There are lots of spam accounts on steemit so good work with the sign to help verify you're a real person! Lots of people also use their other social media accounts to verify they're real, like have your steemit username linked in your facbook bio and facebook linked here. It's not mandatory, but it helps. I hope you do well here on this platform. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything.


Thanks for the advice. I appreciate.

Welcome to this great community @d-katchy. I wish you a wonderful stay here.


Thanks for your help.

welcome to this community ...hopefully you can reach what you want on this community ...


I do hope so too. Thanks

Welcome to steemit. Waiting to read posts from you. Enjoy


Thank you. I hope not to disappoint.

Welcome to your steemit sister, we're so glad you've joined us. please follow me and i will follow you back and do not forget to make next posting.


Thank you. Hope to see more of yours too.

Welcome to the steemit family.... I am very sure you are going to have a smooth ride here, just socialize and make friends the rest is a piece of cake..... Steem on........

Welcome onboard
Put on your seat belt and ride on


Thank you mucho. Seatbelt on ;-)


Thank you

Nne welcome... you don start to hammer be that...

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Welcome to steemit dear.

Hey there lovely fun girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and you are amazing.

Welcome to the community! I just joined Steemit myself about 2 weeks ago. Make sure to check out Steemfollower since it is a great way to get upvotes which could be difficult at the start since you don't have that many followers! If you need help setting up Steemfollower, feel free to check out my Guide on How to Set up your Steemfollower!
Followed! Wish you all the best luck!


Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate.