Cyberdust's Introduction

Hi my name is Armin. I day trade cryptocurrencies, do a lot of low-level programming, and play games too!

armin at a bench

If you're interested in checking out some of my programming projects, check out my GitHub.

I've played poker since I was 10, and am looking to make some vids on here playing on various different sites.

Might also play some other games. I've primarily been posting CSGO content on my blog thus far.

Also gonna try to edit the videos I make much better. Wish me luck!


Welcome, great seeing you in My son plays both CSGO and OverWatch. Think you would enjoy OW if you got it. Blizzard doesn't make a bad game. Was a long time in development. I think the play on the platform will be around for a long time and the ability to make some money might be good with both competitive play and trading items.

Thank you, I'll have to look into OW :P

Welcome aboard and Awesome Post, I'm from the Indonesia. Follow @ziqifuady and i will follow you back :)

Thank you for the kind words :)

Thanks, I'll make sure to make some interesting poker vids to come.

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All right, I'll check your blog out.

hello I wish you the best also
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Sounds good man, keep me posted on any interesting market data you find.

Warm welcome to Steemit @cyberdust. I wish you luck on editing your videos. Share it here on the Steemit community so that we all benefit and learn from it.

Oh yea I'll be sure to post anything useful I learn while editing!

I used to love CSGO, but now I mainly into playing Overwatch.

Welcome to Steemit!

Hmm, I might look into that game. I think you need to buy it though?

Yes. It's on sale for around $20 if you want to wait.

Sounds good, might get it

It's fun - more fast paced and very chaotic - but very fun if you put in the time to learn.