🎉🎊Time to Celebrate 🎖200 Followers in 2 week! 🎉🎊 - @cryptoqu33n

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Hi 🎭Steemians,

We just get another reason to celebrate! Our partnership reached a 🎖200 followers milestone in just 2 weeks!!!

This is incredible!! 👏👏👏

I would like to thanks to all my followers, who continuously provided their love 💖 and resteem my posts.

This time I don't want to say only "Thank you" because your love and appreciation mean a lot to me. In order to appreciate you all, I would like to make an important announcement related to the ongoing #AFOFA Contest (Contest Announcement page).

Red vector created by Freepik

As most of you already aware that for the #AFOFA contest-01, we conceptualized the idea to do a close door contest (Allowing only invited voters to vote for participants of the contest), however, now we just changed a couple of rules to bring more fun to this #AFOFA contest.

Changes to #AFOFA Contest

  1. Now any Steemian can vote for the #AFOFA contest-01 entries.
  2. Now contest will be open from 3rd August - 10th August, that means, votes can upvote their favorite entry for 7 days instead of only 1 day.
  3. Results will be announced on #AFOFA Contest-01 (Contest Announcement page) and #AFOFA Contest page on 11th August at 10 AM EST.
  4. Registration for #AFOFA Contest-02 entries will be open from August 7th, 2017. This contest will happen on weekly basis, so we are redrafting the contest rules to make it easy to understand.

For details please refer #AFOFA Contest Rules and Conditions on Contest Announcement page.

Just like last time, I would like to tag all of my 200 followers as a way to show, how much I appreciate your love. Please, don't forget to comment, as I always enjoy your wonderful comments on my posts and try my best to respond back in time.

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All articles and photographs on this blog are my original copyright© material. It takes great efforts to provide you guys original quality content, so please upvote 👍 and comment.

If You like this post, do not forget to img upvote 👍 or follow me or resteem 🔁


Followed! Let me know if you want to collaborate here on Steemit :) look forward to your Posts

@crypto.hype - Thanks for following me. What kind of collaboration you are taking about?

Steem ON!

For more details on the contest click here!

@cryptoqu33n - I'm a new steemian and following you for a while now (a week!). I find your articles interesting. Your article on banana shake was nice. I tried your recipe and the final result came out just great. You put alot of time and efforts in your articles, specially pictures. Same applies to this article also. It seems to me that you have some kind of photograhy or artistic background. Anyways, I want to wish you all the best for future posts.

I am upvoting this article. Please follow me if you like!

Congratulation @cryptoqu33n ! Nice Post ! I hope you enjoy here ! i will follow your account, please follow me

@arvindkumar - Thanks for the appreciation. I will surely visit your profile and upvote your posts if I find quality content.

Steem ON and bring quality to the community!

Welcome to Steemit! I wish you a good day and inspiration to create in our community! Please follow me :)

@dobroman - I appreciate your kind words.

Stay connected!

Thats amazing! Congratulations on ur 200 followers!

Congrats on the 200 followers! ❤️ upvoted. still didn't quite understand the #afofa contest though. It has so many rules to follow 😅

@catieleta - Thanks for pointing out 😘 dear. I agree with you 😃 and that's why I'm going to re-draft the contest Rules. After that it will be easy to understand. New version will be available from Monday. I have other projects in my hand, so not able to devote much time for this cleanup job 😱.

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Congratulations hope I can reach as many as that one day

@miakuzuryu - I'm sure that soon you will reach there.
Just follow below Mantra!!

  1. Stay focused
  2. publish only quality content
  3. Repeat!

Thanks for the advice! Will try my best!

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