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RE: How my path towards self sufficiency led me to steemit!

Hey Stefanos - very interesting read. I love Crete having visited twice but from the UK. I've also been to Athens, Kos and Nisyros amongst others. You live in a truly fascinating place I've enjoyed a bit of time at Knossos and Rethymnon and I'm due a trip to one year to ensure I see/experience Chania and Samaria. I'm sure you will find other Cretans, I only know of one on here in Heraklion. Look forward to your future posts. You might also look up @pennsif who has a passion for homesteading - I can see you would have some similar interests. Best wishes for your steemit journey. @cryptocurator


Thank you so much for coming over to read it, I am really glad that you like it!
And thank you for your thoughtful comment too! I took a look at @pennsif 's blog and it looks really interesting!
Today I was editing pictures from Samaria, I’ll post some of them soon. I crossed the gorge about 10 days ago and I have to say it definitely worth the effort, you shouldn’t miss it when you come to Crete :)
I have already posted about Nisyros if you care to check it out!
Thanks again!

Hi Stefanos, one of the things I do on steemit is run a weekly radio show called The Alternative Lifestyle Show.

If you fancy coming on as a guest do let me know.

Thank you @pennsif for the invitation but I am not fluent enough in English for oral communication!

No problem. I will look out for updates in your posts.

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