Discovering and Using Crypto ATM Cards for Spending your Bitcoin and Alt Coin Digital Currency with @cryptocards

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I’ve been wanting to start this account for about a month now, just around the christmas period of 2017 when crypto currency was doing well before the great pull back and red candle slides of the new year, then wavecrest one of the main suppliers of visa payment card provision for most of the crypto cards out there was told in no uncertain terms that they had to stop and cancel all credit cards.

This effected me in that my new card and spectrocoin atm cards could not complete, I’ve got a tenx card ordered but so far I have no idea when they plan to start sending them out. As it stands right now it seems we are in ‘deadlock’ with getting access to our crypto funds via the middleman that is visa and banking in general, I’m sure this ‘request’ came from a pretty high up place while they scramble to get the cyber divisions active and up to speed with cryptonote protocol and how they can maybe usurp the current trends.

That being said, and because it’s sunday I wanted to get started here on this account because I realised that I’ve delegated over 200 steem away from my main account that I can actually get back and I needed for mental clarity to get a post here to get started, that first post can always be really hard to do but then your off and running.

This week should be the start of posting cycle however because the lite pay card is supposed to arrive (not physically) and that might approach the way it’s worked previously with wave crest and they might just have a better solution than before, let’s hope so, the more alt coins with lower fees the better right?

Not to mention that the lighting network is picking up a pace, so I’ll do my best to cover that as well here but maybe not as advanced just if I see any development on atm cards that allow multiple alt-coins or if they have any add-on enabling speed of transactions or lower fees.

Mostly this accounts is for people who have bitcoin and alt-coins stores in digital wallets on their computers or hardware keys who are looking for services where they can spend them. All reviews and information will be tried first hand, I’m not here to post and share links that I don’t use first hand.

I hope you will follow along and if you already have an atm card you use for your crypto currency transactions I’d love to hear from you, especially if you convert your steem to different crypto currency to take it from for instance SBD blogging payments that you are getting. What do you use? Why do you like it?

I’ll be back with a post soon reviewing a new web service or physical atm card that you can use to spend those bitcoins! :)

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One word for you. Monese. You get UK and Euro account and the best part is they use the same Estonian bank as coinbase meaning the sepa you need to do to transfer money into coinbase first, so they activate your withdrawel is super quick, as are subsequent withdrawals into your euro monese account...which is instant and joined to your uk account and there is no currency transfer cost and market rates are used.
I know this sounds complicated but it isn't, its just my lack of skills at writing which is why you need to get one and write an awesome post about it !!
Hope it's not raining today ;-)
PS you get both a GBP and Euro card :-) I have a link, fiver each !!

OK! that's my first one to try then, thanks brother! will order it today.

oh darn i only read the last bit now and i already downloaded it, hmm, let me see if they say anything about referrer on the way in.. thanks for this. will be my first review i think.

actually, put your code here it's asking for the invite code! :)

6QGSA5FM there you go. its just gone up to 10 and 5 looks like its a good scheme. took my card about 3 days to arrive after the live sign up with a nice Estonian chap ! get the whole process blogged please. Look forward to reading about it :-)

hmm, something went weird on the signup regarding the code, i was tabbed out of the app and when i went back in it asked me to setup a lock code and then it just asked me for my number without the invite code so missed out on us getting some money each, sorry man! :( --- i'll sort it out another way for the heads up! :) -- will blog about it yes.

no problem !! hope the rest of it goes as smoothly as it did for me....have a look at too. There is a huge waiting list but they are further integrating with crypto.

The value of the crypto currency is always changing every day, how to determine the price of goods with the crypto currency if the currency is just not stable.
and when the value of the crypto currency falls, what will happen to our wealth stored in the crypto currency.

Cryptocards I really cant wait for us to have access to bitcoin atms in my country nigeria. I dont know for how long we will be stocked getting access to our crptos via middle men.

Welcome @cryptocards

hey thank you for the warm welcome. do report back if you get cards in your country, i'd love to spread this globally for all steemians wherever they are.

Sure I will

can you get Payoneer there @phunke ?

Outstanding parformance for Bitcoin @me-tarzan
thank you for Shareing about cryptocurrency....

Resteem your post sir

to be honest, prepaid might have to be the answer yeah because use middlemen and gatekeepers like visa wanna totally mess us up before we get to the ATM, of course we could use proper bitcoin atms but i don't have them around me. maybe i'll review them when i go next to london.

Welcome to Steemit cryptocards and I'm sure you'll have a great time here!! :)

hey thank you! i know that for a fact ;)

In my present location, I really don't know when we can get crypto ATM's.

great work! :) Looking forward to finding out how we can actually spend these hard earned crypto's
Edit: btw, just promoted your account to the Steemsugars group.

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