Announcing - The First Medieval Multi-player RPG

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Fellow people,
We are happy to announce you that new era of gaming in the blockchain is coming with As you can be concerned gaming sector is an emerging industry, thank to the innovations occurring with changes in technologies, but what about an 3D MMORPG game that is built on blockchain that will make you get cryptocurrencies by playing?

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games are a combination of role-playing video games and massively multiplayer online games in which a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual world.

Read about our vision here

Z_1O3xYF_400x400 - Copy copy.png

Crypto Barons is a simulation game dated back to the medieval period and built on the Ethereum Blockchain by the Ugarsoft Blockchain Division.

The blockchain division of Ugarsoft is made up of a diverse and vibrant team from Nigeria and Finland who are leveraging on the power of the blockchain technology to develop and deploy disruptive projects ranging from Fintech to other infrastructural projects.

Meet the team of Cryptobarons by clicking here


The first medieval multi-player RPG to run on the Ethereum Blockchain
‘Fortify your kingdom and become a baron’

After the first popular game launched on Ethereum Blockchain in 2017 - "Cryptokitties" , proving to be a great success to certain extent because it showed how easy acquisition, transfer and traceability of game assets (collectibles) can be with the blockchain. By time several other collectible games have been released; most of them lack what we are referring to as a digital interactive entertainment.
Apart from marketplace functionality, these games have not been able to come close to sophisticated video game-play which require PVP (Player versus Player) interaction as seen in video games played on PC and other game consoles.
In order to create a game which can easily scale on the Ethereum Network, whilst handling the high graphics image processing and transactions of a traditional game, we integrated ThunderNet for decentralized storage while designing CryptoBarons - We believe that CryptoBarons will lead the future of gaming.

One of the main points of CryptoBarons is to remove the intermediaries in between , by interfacing directly with Ethereum, ejecting intermediary like Metamask which causes trouble to some newbies on the transactions and confirmations of assets and tokens. Also teaching to newbies the meaning of blockchain, and increasing users of it.

Design of the game

In designing CryptoBarons, our development team made some design decisions in order to build a game that is easy to play with so much friendly user experience while trying to avoid the technical drawbacks like scalability that other blockchain games encountered.
Our decision to build a medieval game on the blockchain was to make the purchase of in-game assets very easy while playing our role in facilitating the adoption of blockchain.

The purchase of all in-game assets and collectibles are done within CryptoBarons by using traditional fiat payment systems like credit/debit cards or through trading exchanges by using digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum . Also tokens from our strategic partners like WAX (from Opskins online game marketplace - can be used to trade assets through their marketplace platforms.


CryptoBarons game components include:

  • Market Place
  • Kingdoms
  • Battlefield
  • Virtual Reality

Players earn experience points as they make actions within the game. These experience points build up your skill levels and fighting strength. Players can hire workers, breed animals, build structures and armies within their kingdom. Players can also battle against other kingdoms and earn treasures such as magic potions to help vanquish their enemies and gain control of their kingdom.
The game setting is the medieval period. The clothing of the characters and environment setting depict this as shown below:


Why Blockchain?

The blockchain, being a decentralized platform, brings a lot of benefits for large applications like games. Since its data is decentralized, immutable and transparent, it means that the in-game assets can easily be unique and owned by an individual who have purchased such assets within the game utilizing the fast transaction confirmation time of the blockchain and low transaction cost. This means that such assets or data are never lost and can easily be tracked. It also means is that the player doesn’t need to rely on a third-party platform to purchase and acquire game assets before or while playing the game. Since blockchain makes the transfer of ownership of assets easy and fast, the game experience is improved and the in-game assets can easily be traded for digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat.

To make our game scalable, we leveraged ‘ThunderNet’ which is a decentralized storage protocol built on the IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) and Ethereum blockchain.
The ThunderNet protocol simply stores data in IPFS and maps the hash to an Ethereum smart contract.

Advantages of ThunderNet:

  • ThunderNet enables teams to easily scale decentralized applications.
  • ThunderNet effectively reduces the amount of money spent by dApp users when making changes to the data persistence layer.
  • ThunderNet enables developers adopt the single responsibility principle when building decentralized apps because it abstracts the data storage code logic out of the smart contract.
  • ThunderNet reduces the number of save transactions made on a smart contract thereby reducing the number transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and in turn reducing the chances of slowing down the Ethereum blockchain network.

Baron Token (Utility Token)

Baron token (BRN) is a Utility Token, which is mainly used to purchase in-game assets. Token distribution of BRN is capped total of 250,000,000 BRN tokens only will be created and distributed which will power the operations within CryptoBarons game.

Grab some BRN Tokens by joining to the Bounty Program

This bounty campaign will last for ONLY 4 WEEKS. CryptoBarons team is offering 2,500,000 BRN tokens generated tokens which are worth upto $300,000.00 at the end of this program.

  1. Telegram Campaign: 10% of total bounty
  2. Twitter Campaign: 15% of total bounty
  3. Youtube Campaign: 10% of total bounty
  4. Facebook Campaign: 15% of total bounty
  5. Reddit Campaign: 10% of total bounty
  6. Translation Campaign : 10% of total bounty
  7. Signature Campaign: 10% of total bounty
  8. Media/Blog Articles Campaign: 20% of total bounty

Join :

Watch the video of demo version in dtube or YouTube!/v/cryptobarons/nlbcj8iw


image.png is an online marketplace for digital items. As of 2017, the site is the world's largest marketplace for video game skins and other digital items.


The team behind OPSkins, including Brechisci, CEO William Quigley, and COO Jonathan Yantis, launched the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) in 2017. WAX is a cryptocurrency that allows the exchange of digital assets to occur on a decentralized platform.
The first decentralized exchange for gamers to trade digital assets, it is intended to simplify purchases for gamers from different countries, using a blockchain. The exchange went live in December 2017.

Architects or the Development team of CryptoBarons on the move , watch the video on dtube or YouTube!/v/cryptobarons/fxzjljef

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I'm a big fan of MMO games, I believe this game is gonna make a hit

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Really interesting idea do you have a road-map or any other timescale plans laid out?


Yes we do, you can find it out on the whitepaper!
Thanks for your comment @feralblowfish

welcome on board. Awesome project you have got!