Introduction post, hello world :)

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Who Am I?

A human being, measuring roughly 1.80 meters (vertically), and weighing roughly 85 kilograms. (As of 2017 — I expect the former number to go down, and the latter to go up, as (or if) the years spent alive continue to accrue) I was born in the evening of Nov 28, 1986 (presently making me exactly 0978926851 seconds (or 31.169535 years) old) in Belgrade (Smederevo), Serbia. Not too surprisingly, my parents were humans as well :)

What I Do?

Spent most of my years as CTO here and there, various telecommunication companies and mobile operators being in charge / or to blame (most of the time) for technology planing and strategy. Probably that's why my living room is becoming a dexter's lab.


In my free time, i enjoy instrumental electric guitar music ( My Youtube ) considering myself a Security Researcher and a hobbyist Musician. Others consider me a professional beer drinker most of the time.

Anything dirty?

My first real job was in high-school. I was selling sport bet tickets but needed to escape shortly after discovery that i hacked server to modify time and print-out wining ticket retroactively after the game is already finished. I bought my first Fender from that money. What a job!


Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

Now I am good citizen. I also have pets, including but not limited to cat, wife and two sons and a huge fish tank where something disappears everyday. Cat being the main suspect so far.


He really looks guilty, but due to lack of evidences...


...and not going to confess anything

cat suspect.jpg

Sometimes, I am worried father :)


Sometimes, I am serious too



But sometimes, I runaway to my secret place. I bet you can't find it.


When i got really really bored, I make a nice haircut to my plant. (the one on the right)


If you would like to know more about me and my technology work, good starting points are:

My Twitter
My Website

(Grab some software, code, music, more code and publications but be aware of the shark)

I will be blogging and discussing mostly technology topics here. If you are interested in bits and bytes, let's stay in touch.

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Welcome to Steemit! Nice intro.


Thanks for a warm welcome @trogdor - I'm looking forward to contribute to this nice community.

nice to meet you @crt, I am a human being too...that's a great meet....hehehehe :)


my pleasure @lautenglye ! that already give some hope for a mankind :) Two of us so far, and still counting :D


hahahha....this is the nice one :)....we will keep steeming and finding the human being :)

Welcome to Steem @crt. Feel free to follow me @kanasite and upvote. Cheers :)


Thank You @kanasite . Just followed you and hope to stay in touch here as well as share interesting content.

Welcome and play in steemit app. I Hope you can share useful things with your writing and develop in this steemit app. Here we can mark the post with a minimum of five hastags for each person's search for the article. Enjoy in this steemit app because we also get additional income. Happy steemit @crt


Thanks @zhangle691 I will be looking forward to contribute.

Bravo, very nice post... The best one I've seen in quite some time... Entertaining and informative... Welcome to the show my friend!


Thanks for a warm welcome @davemccoy ! Looking forward to learn from this community and contribute as much as possible.


Same here @crt ... Happy holidays!

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Stellar and funny Intro! Welcome to steemit, with your pzazz I'm sure you'll do well here. Remember, quality over quantity :)


Thanks @zeroooc I'll do my best and glad you like it.


You say you are a "professional" beer drinker. Are there any particular craft beers you recommend?


I'm not, that's what other says :) For me, most Scandinavian beers are no mistake as long you are not driving home which get's close to impossible, especially if it happens to be in Sweden.

Welcome to the community @crt have a good one!



Thanks @nicoaligam ! Looking forward for a great and productive time here.

Hey @crt! Nice to meet you here! Good luck to you and us! I'm more or less "new" here, too... This is my introduceyourself:


Greetings from Paraguay!