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Hello Steemit community! I'm new to the site and still figuring it out and exploring, but I wanted to test out making a post! Maybe I'll test it out by sharing a recent drawing I made....

I started with a sketch I drew late one night after watching Mikhail Baryshnikov's animated story of The Tale of Tsar Saltan. I was inspired by the Princess Swan character.


Then I decided to turn it into a finished picture, so I took a photo of the drawing and opened it up in the drawing program I use, Clip Studio Paint, and edited the sketch to be more like how she looks in the film. I started drawing cleaned-up lines over the sketch and putting flat colors beneath.


I made a background and shaded everything and completed the picture! (although I did change her crown from the original animation and chose not to add veil in case it made it look too crowded)


Thanks for reading! Back to exploring the site I go...

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Wow looks awesome, welcome to steemit hope to see more of these on your next blog.

That is some seriously amazing art. Welcome to Steemit!!


Thank you very much!

Awesomeness. Does all your digital art begin with a drawing?


Thanks! And yes, though usually when I'm starting a drawing that I intend to color and make "finished", I draw the sketch digitally in the program as well! If I ever draw traditionally (with paper and pencil) anymore, it usually just stays a sketch.

Welcome ! Hola gusto saber que la comunidad esta creciendo, tienes una nueva seguidora y un voto de mi parte para que te animes aun mas!!! espero recibir también tu apoyo soy nueva acá te dejo el link d mi presentación espero le des un vistazo y me apoyes besos!!!

Welcome to steemit community hope you will learn from here I follow you and upvote you hope you also do same for me thanks

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Great work and welcome to Steemit @cocorodraws! Followed you and I am enthusiastic to see more of your work :)


Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit. Happy you're here!