I Need Your Help! No Upvotes, Only comments here....

Hi everybody, I'm Chris the audio guy!

I started using steemit network when it first started and started a following.

Some things took place that led to me having to stop participating in the community, bit I want to get back into it!


Heres some topics I could write about, I would like to hear your thoughts on which would be received the best!....

Option 1.

Coding, programming, website creation, graphic design, crypto currencies

Option 2

All things music from writing, producing to recording, mixing, editing, mastering, selling music, fanbase creation

Option 3

All things cars from suped up rides and mechanics to diagnosis, repair and maintenance

Option 4

All things fitness. Nutrition, hormones and biology, body building, diets, macros, working out

These are the 4 areas of life I am professionally trained and can offer guidance/great content!

Please comment with your top pick!

Thanks so much friends I cannot wait to share more with you all!

If you havent