My Classy Ass Introduction!!

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Hey guys nice to meet you! My name is Chris Wynn but my online friends call me "Classy"!

First to start off yes, you can expect me to refer to pretty much everything and their mothers (If the item in question has a mother I guess..) as "classy ass -insert whatever here-" ex. Classy ass mother fuckers, classy ass community, classy ass you.... I'm guessing your catching onto the idea. I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with vape photography and have been an active vaping advocate for a little over a year now! (checkout my Instagram Classy_Ass_Lifestyle ) My main aim is to write E-Cigarette related posts but I also enjoy delving into discussions about Cannabis related content, The effects of various substances on your brain, and some online marketing techniques (Though I try to stick to mainly Instagram marketing and leave the rest to the pros).

I am 24 years old and have been an active writer for most of my life, I feel that as long as you have something worthwhile to say then someone is out there who wants to listen! I also really enjoy playing pretty much any instrument I can get my hands on, if you ask me though I call myself a guitarist mainly (even though I have quite the passion for beat boxing as well). Recently I came across this site and thought it would work as the perfect platform to work on and discuss the things I love while growing the amazing-ly awesome Classy Ass Community more and more! My goals are that someday I can provide top tier knowledge to help those getting into using their vaporizers and maybe, just maybe they wont have to hold onto 50 bottles of terrible tasting e-juice because they were not well informed before taking a dive into the ever changing, daunting world of E-Cigarettes.

Anyways that's pretty much what there is to know about me, I hope that you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and I hope that maybe one day soon I will get to meet you personally, keep an eye out for my post later today about one of the most important things when it comes to using a vaporizer, BATTERY SAFETY!!!! Have yourselves a classy ass day and always make sure your spreading the Peace, Love, and Good Vibes wherever you go!

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Welcome to Steem, @chrisftwynn!

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Thank you almighty "SteemBot", I am forever in your debt 🙏

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Thanks for the heads up! Will be downloading very soon :)

@chrisftwynn welcome Classy to the Steemit community! Lol e-cig is a pretty popular topic of discussion and looking forward to your active writing posts! Stay connected and support each other; upvote your post to support! :)


Nice to meet you and thanks for the warm welcome! I'm super excited to join, will be heading over to check out your posts right after I click the post button! :)


Lol @chrisftwynn sure thing...looking to stay connected and support each other then my new friend :) Steemit is generally a supportive community so hope you enjoy your adventure here!

Welcome, dude! Personally, I don't smoke, but there are tons of users whovape here so you'll fit right in. I agree with your sentiment about writing something worthwhile. I hope you find success here and stay for the community interaction!


Thanks brother man appreciate the welcome :)

I'm not too much in vapes and all that but would be awesome to see some "classy ass" weed related stuff as you mentioned that's also on the table.
I've also just recently joined Steemit myself and I find the community to be really chill for the most part, however I guess you won't really be into the stuff I post about :) it's about classy ass gaming


Ill be sure to come check out some of your posts brother! I am from Canada B.C. so pot is a pretty big topic here lol ill be sure to post some of the things I have learned!

Hello! I followed you, let's increase the power of Steemit together! I hope you follow me. I'm always glad to have a new acquaintance with good people! ;)


Hey thanks for the follow! Ill be sure to head over and check out your posts right away!! :) Super nice to meet you!


Thanks brother nice to meet you!