HI STEEM!! I am Christoph Hering, Founder and CEO of BitShares Munich, the company behind BlockPay and Echo!!

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Hi Steem, My Name is Christoph and I am from Munich, Germany.

In Fall 2015 I founded BitShares Munich together with @kencode and we started to work with the BitShares Blockchain. Soon after we added @rodrigocrespo to our team and exploded in productivity! You will see tons of new content from us very soon! Together, we are a young #FinTech #Blockchain Startup from Munich working on the best Blockchain products for BitShares and Steem!!

I am a Blockchain Enthusiasts and Paris fan!

This is me and my Girlfriend in Paris last week. We celebrated France 1:0 victory against Germany with 50,000 French soccer fans on the streets of Paris. What a crazy night!!! The streets were packed with people, screaming, dancing on cars, racing through Paris all night. It was total madness!

Videos are better than any text I could write!

STEEM, I am happy to be part of this awesome community and I love the ideas​ and visions of Stan Larimer. I started with BitShares and I am now also investing time in Steem. I want to create synergies between both platforms and bring Blockchain technologies to the world. Therefore I started a VBlog on Steem to share our Startup journey of BlockPay and Echo with all of you!!

Starting a business is exciting, starting a Blockchain business is a revolution and we are all inspired to make this world a better place!

Thank you for your support on Steem!!

Christoph Hering - Founder & CEO of BitShares Munich

Please join our Journey and follow us on social media too!

Twitter: @BitSharesMunich @HeringChristoph
www. BitShares-Munich.de

#BitShares | #Steem | #beyondbitcoin | #Echo | #Blockpay | #Blockchain | #Fintech | #Startup

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I should probably look into that ECHO thing eh? @sandra made me learn about it from her #crossword s

So excited for my ECHO invite! Welcome and good luck!


Please also sign up to our newsletter at www.my-echo.com. We are looking for alpha-tester.

You just emailed me five hours ago!! lmao


thank you for signing up to the ECHO newsletter. Are you also frustrated with your Whatsapp messenger? I always have the problem that I never get my WhatsApp messages on time and I never get a direct notification! Why is that? I also don´t like that Facebook is collecting all my private data!

Do you have these annoying problems too?

LOUIS STOCKING, it is time to build to a better chat app! A social messenger that protects my private data encrypts my messages and destroy them after a short time period like Snapchat. What if I could have total control over my voice, video and text messages plus I could send money within a few seconds? That would be awesome right?

That is exactly what we built with ECHO!

You already made the right decision to join our newsletter. We will keep you up to date with our progress and invite you for a closed alpha soon.

Please also join our community, leave us a message and tell us how your perfect chat app should look like at ECHO SubSteem (Forum), Twitter,and Facebook.

If you like our work, please leaves us a comment and tell your friends about ECHO. Let us built a better chat app and start a social revolution together!


Chris, Rodrigo and Ken


I got it too. :-)

I love this article​ from @Karnal about the future of #banking and the power of #steem and #bitshares


Hi chris4210, welcome to steemit!

Welcome and looking forward to more fascinating fintech instruments/ development.

Interesting time for BTS. Maybe we will catch some Steem love. Thank you for your hard work and good luck.

Hi, Christoph! Good luck in your endeavors!!!

Is the lady from Beijing if I may ask, @chris4210

Are you guys looking to expand into Norway? I work in the restaurant scene here, the current POS systems are ridiculously expensive.


That would be a great lead!! Please reach out to Rodrigo@BitShares-Munich.de for more details. Thx!

i am from munich too.
would love to network with you http://www.facebook.com/travolto


Cool! Please write me a mail at Chris@BitShares-Munich.de . We can meet in town!

Hei Christoph, my name is Christoph, too, and I live about 150 kilometers away from München. Wollte nur mal Hallo sagen! Vielleicht machen wir mal was zusammen bzw. wir treffen uns in Augsburg für ein Interview fürs bitcoinblog.de


Hi, ja gerne können wir da was machen. Schreibe mir bitte eine E-Mail an Chris@BitShares-Munich.de . Sehr gerne zeigen ich dir auch eine life Demo von BlockPay.

@chris4210 is an ICO scammer. He raised funds for a fraudulent project that ended up in his pockets and in that of his partner in crime Ken Code who has a search warrant for various other frauds. Please everyone who gets lulled by his payment system narratives, inform yourself at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2804399.0 and from other sources.

Chris, 你女朋友是中国人?



Can you invite me for echo too?


Sure, please send me a msg to Chris@my-echo.com . I will add you to the alpha tester list.

hello Christoph

Hi Chris, awesome projects! Keep going!

Nice to have you here!
and thumbs up for you contributions for bitshares! ;)

Неплохо оформлено.А Франция победила то что дома,не всегда же вам выигрывать ))

Hi Chris. Until now I have known only kencode, as I have done some translation for him.
Regards to Munich and good luck to you and BitShares.

Munich is a fantastic city with some lovely beers!! Here's when we had a off day there: https://d.tube/#!/v/givesaminute/sff2qv86