Hi All ! This is the Introduction of Me

in #introduceyourself4 years ago

Hello to all Steemians. I have been on steemit since two months. I think that it is the time of introducing myself.


My name is Cihan. I live in Istanbul, Turkey where is one of the most beautiful city in the World with its geography and history. It is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, straddling the Bosphorus strait (which separates Europe and Asia) between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. (I took the above picture between two continents)

I am 27 years old and I am a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur. My passion is travelling, seeing new places and taking photos. I have a gopro and I like also swimming and taking photos with gopro. I am here to know new people with different culture. I think Steemit has no borders, everyone can meet and make them community in here.

IMG_9981 2.JPG

I have travelled to Norway, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Greece. Switzerland and Norway had incredibly great nature. I still can not forget the trips. I had the opportunity to see the Alps in Switzerland and the fjords in Norway.


Sometimes I think that I met late with Steemit. It has quality members and no spam. It think that is why Steemit will be one of the best platform in internet.

I met with Steemit in December, 2017 but I have been active here for a month. After I met, I decided to share photos because I'm interested in photography. There also are many good photographers here.

I will share more photos on steemit taken by gopro. All photos taken by me @originalworks. You can also follow #goprophotography tag that I am trying to contribute.

I am very happy to meet Steemit. I hope to spend a good and long days here.

Nice to meet you!


Hello and welcome! I see yo like taking pictures! :)

Thank you!

Hey, welcome to Steemit! The first picture is really great 👍

Thank you! I am so glad that you like it..

Welcome to steem!

Thank you!

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Welcome to the community! Upvoted and followed!

Thank you!

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Welcome to steemit, chorock!

Thank you!

Hello 👋, welcome to steemit

Welcome to steemit and I'm happy to check out your introduction, I upvoted this post I wish you all the luck. =)

Thank you:)

incredible pictures!!!! i thought the first one was my favorite - but i REALLY REALLY love the last one!!!! absolutely gorgeous!

traveling is the best (i'm getting ready to go on vacation in 5 days!!! ive been counting down since 428 days to go... or something like that hahahaha) In a few years I want to start really traveling much more!!! we'll see :)

glad to meet you and welcome to steemit!!!!

I am so happy that you like the shot. Thanks for your nice comment...

Yes!!!! You will do so well here with your wonderful attitude and beautiful content!!!! You're the kind of steemian we love to love! Hehehehe

Great to read about you Cihan! I joined here in late 2017 as well, and I definitely think this is a great platform. The underwater photo is so cool as well! :)

Thank you Emily! I am so glad that you like the photo...

Welcome my friend. Really nice pics, I liked them.

As you mentioned, we have a great community, I'll support you, I'm gonna follow you from today.

Keep up the good work.

Nice to meet you! I am so happy that you liked my photos. Thanks also for your nice comment. Have a nice day...

Your are welcome, hope to see more from you!

Welcome to Steemit, @chorock! :) never too late to introduce yourself indeed :) Keep it up!

Thank you! I am glad to see you...

Welcome on Steemit.
It seems like you got the right eye for crazy perspectives like in your first picture.
Keep on doing that.

I am so happy to read your nice comment. Thank you!

Welcome to one of the coolest communities in the net.

Enjoy your time here and show me more from your travel destinations

Thank you for your nice comment!

Really nice dude, excellent pictures! Nice to meet you in here.

Greetings from Venezuela,

Manu Rodriguez.

Nice to meet you too...

welcome to steemit Cihan
glad to see you're here :)

Thank you my friend!

Welcome to steemit! Your going to have a great time on here, if you need any questions,I will try to help you. Hope you have lots of fun. Take care, @diljeetdil Xx

Thank you for your help..

Welcome to Steemit, and thanks for the follow, I'm following you back!

Thank you !

Welcome to Steemit! Those photos are absolutely breathtaking.

Thank you for your nice comment..

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you so much!

welcome from Italy!

Thank you!

great photos. and you have some serious personality brother. keep it up. :)

Thank you for your nice comment!

Hello Cihan,

Nice to meet you too!
i hope to see more of your pictures!
i'm also (very) new here; a couple of weeks, haha!

Thank you. Wellcome :)

Excellent introduction @chorock! Those photod are amazing too dude... You're right, there are no borders here.

I am working on a community to help realize dreams and it's starting to grow.... I would love to your entry on the contest I will run soon. Looks like you have good #dreamscometrue!!!


Thanks for your nice comment! I am so glad that you like it. It is incredibly nice idea. I will join challenge!

Lol I just answered you on the challenge posy... I forgot I put in on here! Thank you for joining

Hi there.. Good day greetings from my country.. The Philippines!!!

Thank you!

Nice to meet you too!

Hello @chorock,

i first saw your post tru #steemittravellers discord, introduceyourself. Beautiful landscape pictures specially the first one.

Looking forward to read more of your travels specially Norway & Spain ❤️

I am so happy that you like it. Thanks for your nice comment!

Welcome, now take it easy :) You're not late and there's no rush, you'll do just fine here.

Thank you so much!

again nice photos bro, nice to meet you :)

Thank you!

Wow that place is beautiful

Thank you!

Hello Cihan ❤ Great post, I hope you enjoy every second within the community and give your best at every moment.
I must say that I loved your #Introduceyourself is great for me to read the post of the other steemians on this platform ... Thank you for taking the time to write about yourself, about your life and let me know a part of what you are. I hope to read more about you soon, as well as I hope you can succeed in this social network.
By the way, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that, like you, I'm starting in this platform and I made my first post, I would greatly appreciate it if you read it and if you like it, give me a vote, comment something, give me resteem or follow me, I'll do the same if you want.
Without further ado, I say goodbye. I remain attentive to your next publications. 💋
@Mjzo here to support you in what you need. Regards!

Thank you!

hello welcome to steemit. I invite you to visit my blog

Thank you!

so adventurous :) you have a great composition and angle! keep steeming! :) happy to have you here ;)

Thank you so much!

you're always welcome :)

That's a very good re-introduction post! Glad that I read this because I like the pictures you have been posting. Going to follow you from today and check out more =)

Thanks for your nice comment!

Excelentes fotografías. Bienvenido, mis mejores deseos para ti, espero te vaya super bien en esta comunidad. Mucha suertee. Saludos desde Venezuela

Thank you!

what photo brother, I would like to take pictures so when I grow up, haha ​​take care of your friend greetings with my support

Thank you!

Hi Cihan ! your first photo in Istanbul, Turkey was so fantastic.
Maybe you have some good skills in taking a photo ^^.
can we share follwing each other!? @whatwelivefor

welcome!!!! waaa, beautiful photos!!! i like it <3

Thank you!

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hello welcome to steemit. I invite you to visit my blog

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