My presentation in steemit

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Hello friends of steemit. My name is Paola. I'm 15 years old.


I am a very cheerful person, who likes to share with my family and friends. It is always necessary to go out and share beautiful and special moments that will make those great memories in our life my 15 years.

My life and art

Since childhood my hobby was always to draw cartoons, landscapes and animated dolls. In art, we place passion to make a painting come out as beautiful as it is what we imagine or dream. In my paintings I focus on painting, landscapes, flowers, which is the most beautiful thing in nature.


My great reason to be happy

We always know that our parents will want the best for us. And we know that in the adversities and difficulties will be, because they are that reason to get ahead with how little or much we always have the answer is to take a smile in the face of adversity.


"My dream trip"


To know Colombia, it was a unique experience. Because I could enjoy with my cousins ​​and know places like Chinácota, a very cold place with beautiful inns.


Being able to enjoy family moments is the best. Know that in the days are unique and unequaled. Knowing how to enjoy what we have always wanted is like being in another world.


Being here made me contemplate this beautiful panorama and tasty pool.


This is my entry in steemit.

Your votes and comments will be of great help.



Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

Thank you regards friends

Hello chiqui03, great introduction! Welcome to join the steemit community. Steemit is a social media that rewards you through interesting writing and comments. I think you have the ability to provide interesting writing in the next post. Your good job will be appreciated The spirit of work and good luck! Your post have upvote and resteemed :D
Best regard @fataelrumy

such a sweet introductory post.
you have a great talent sweety, looking forward to your post on paintings and on your family trip.
keep on steeming and see you around, hope you'll enjoy here :)

Thank you friend regards

You are so beautiful, Paula ..
May I approach you? 😁

Welcome to steemit friend

Saludos, gracias por compartir tu post con nosotros, éxito.

Muchas gracias saludos

Hola hola Chiqui, tus dibujos son geniales. Tienes una habilidad para el arte. Esas fotos también están cool, y la piscina se ve buena para relajarse. Bienvenida a Steemit, saludos y éxitos

Muchas gracias amigo, que bueno que te gusto saludos.


Welcome Paola @chiqui03. Nice paintings, good luck!

Thank you regards

Hello and welcome to Steemit! :)

Hi Paola, welcome to Steemit. Perhaps you have a lot of questions about Steemit and no doubt the proper answer is from reading the Official website FAQ.

Have fun learning and share your experiences in Steemit. Enjoy!

Thank you, friend regards

Lovely. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I'm Oatmeal. Happy Easter 2018.

thank you regards

Welcome beauty!

Thank you friends regards

Welcome in steemit regards

Welcome in steemit.

Gracias, saludos amigo.

Bienvenida a steemit paola, mucha suerte!

Gracias diego, saludos igualmente.

Upvoted! Glad to know you value family above all. And please continue to let your cheerful disposition shine. Cheers lady!

Thank you, friend regards @mrshev

Welcome in steemit regards

Thank you regards

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you regards

Welcome to steemit @chiqui03!

Thank you regards

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hola bienvenida a steemit.. suerte y exitos, te estoy siguiendo y te apoyo con votos, saludos desde venezuela

Hola amigo, gracias si ya te sigo saludos

Great looking art! Do you have a crypto painting?

Thank you friend

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Welcome to Steemit, Paola. Nice introduction. Keep sharing your thoughts and ideas. Have fun Steeming.

Thanks you friend regards

Hello! Welcome to SteemIt. Upvoted.

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Thanks for the great post!