Science meets charity: is it possible to fund computers and tablets for a school only using blockchain technology?

Hello, this is @charityproject two scientists - one from Austria one from Brasil. (Alex [@alexpfeiffer] and Bruno [waiting for his steem approval] like to show the power of crytocurrencies and the power of the crytpo-community.

Is it possible to organise funds for computers and tablet-pcs for a school in Brasil from people all around the world only using blockchain technology like steem-upvotes, amps to our videochannel and direct donations via fast, cheap and reliable litecoin?

All steps will be recorded and made public here in this channel and we will do scientific research next to this project showing the power of blockchain for doing good!


donate litecoin:


upvote on steem:

Upvote everything ;) here in our channel @charityproject

your "like" is really meaningful - amp our videos:

you can start with this video, our own channel is coming soon:

(you get 10 free amps if you register an account, so supporting us is basically free and you get in touch with the new website from synereo ...)

Thank you!

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Welcome to Steem @charityproject I have upvoted and sent you a tip

welcome to the Steemit community, Charityproject!! Wish you much luck! Cheers! Follow me at @khunpoom

Welcome to Steemit! It's good time to start create Steemit better :)

we also always with us and keep touch always with u in this great mission

good job sir and i also resteemed it to share with others and whole steemit comunity

i appriciate for this a exellent plan to start a charity with steemians upvotes some kids get educations and its a good help and good plan from u

Eine super tolle die ein Projekt zu Finanzieren.
Es wird sicher ein riesen Erfolg.
Hoffentlich posten diese Kinder auf stemmtit dann einiges.

Best wishes on your project!

resteemed to my 247 followers

hope it will get more success and steemit comunity work on it for those who want this upvote and follow

Just sent you 1 Ltc


Wow Thank you so much!



Thank you everyone for your help and nice messages! Pls keep on helping this idea simply with upvoting our daily posts and resteeming our messages.

Welcome to Steem @charityproject wonderful initiative!

Reply of the project "Science meet Charity" participate!

the projects like these helps for humanity are good and i wish for u and ur project to get a huge success

we all with u on this aim

You have conceived a good deed, I fully support!

Sounds like a great project!