Greetings, fellow Steemit users! This is Steemit newbie MK Chan, an ordinary local girl from Hong Kong.

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Hello Steemitizens!

I am thrilled to finally join this big community which @htliao has been nagging me non-stop about (Haha just joking). Big thanks to @htliao for introducing me to Steemit. I am super excited to launch my first post and to start sharing my life and experiences on this platform. My first post is to briefly introduce myself and hopefully get the chance to connect with those of you who are reading this right now. 😊


My name is MK Chan. I am an ordinary 23-year-old girl from Hong Kong. In case anyone was wondering, ‘MK’ does not mean that I am a fan of the designer brand, rather they stand for the initials of my Chinese first name. ‘MK’ is also a Cantonese slang with a negative connotation, referring to young people who are materialistic and blindly follow the latest trends and tend to hang around in Mong Kok, one of the busiest and most crowded areas in Hong Kong. That’s why some of my friends thought it would be funny to give me this nickname as a joke.


I majored in psychology and sociology in my undergraduate studies, and I will be starting work as a local English teacher in September. I may teach Visual Arts, Mathematics and General Studies as well in the future.

Photo 21-11-2017, 5 09 37 AM.jpg

I have just stayed in Edinburgh, UK at a homestay for a month and a half for an immersion program a few months ago. I will write more about this travel experience and others in detail in later posts.


As I said, I am an ordinary local girl who enjoys simple things in life. This will be a platform for me to post about bits and pieces of my daily life, including, restaurant/TV drama and movie recommendations, travel experiences, daily conversations with my siblings (I have 2 brothers and a sister!) and many more. I would also write about topics of my interest like psychology, sociology and education, as well as daily encounters, as I embark on my journey as a teacher.


Thank you for your patience in reading through my whole introduction. I hope this has helped you learn more about me (maybe just 10% of who I am haha).

Stay tuned and follow me to explore life and culture in Hong Kong through the lens of an ordinary local girl.

Please Upvote and reply so I can get to know you too! :D

MK Chan <3

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Welcome to Chan :)
Nobody is ordinary, everbody is special in some way. I am sure you will have to tell your own story! :)
Resteeming you for some exposure!
Greets, @theaustrianguy

Welcome to steemit, hope you find a rewarding and supporting community!


Thank you @raybilson! I will try my best to contribute to this community too!

Welcome ! I hope you have fun on Steemit! :)

Hello, a warm welcome to Steemit. This is a great community and I know you will have a great time here.

Please, Kindly permit me to invite you to join the #steemschools discord. Click this link to join and we will teach and support you to grow up in Steemit, to choose the right topic to attract readers, to use the right tags to get more visibility, how to make quality posts and comments and gain more followers.

Thank you.

images (22).jpeg


Thank you @evarich for the kind invitation! I will definitely join the group as there is much for me to learn.

@chanmk, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

Welcome to Steemit @chanmk! I love your photos, thank you for sharing them. I believe you're going to love it here on Steemit. You have many things that you can share with all of us, and I'm looking forward to knowing more about you through your posts.

I would also like to invite you to the join the Discord servers that will further help you grow as a Steemian, as well as help you build relationships with a lot of people. So please click the banner to join:



Thank you and I wish you all the best!


Thank you @evlachblog for the warm welcome! I will definitely check out the Discord server you suggested!

You're not ordinary at all! You're a super-special person that I feel will have a lot to offer during your journey on Steemit. I give you a hearty, happy WELCOME! :)



Thank you @evernoticethat for the WELCOME mat. Haha I can feel you are humorous and warm too! I will work hard to contribute more to the community!

Welcome to Steemit @chanmk!

Welcome to Steemit. It's really a good platform for the nurturing authors and for the people who want to share their good work with the world. You'll surely have a nice time here. Lots of good wishes and good luck to you!! :):)


Thank you @freebirdkhushboo ! Best wishes to you too! :)

Hi MK, welcome to Steemit. Perhaps you have a lot of questions about Steemit and the best answer is from reading the Steemit Official website - Welcome & FAQ Page.

Hong Kong is a crowded place to live in. We love to see some of your journeys here too especially someone like you who able to write in English sentences so well. 😆

Have fun learning and share your experiences in Steemit. Cheers!


Thank you @legendchew ! I have to admit I do need some time to familiarize myself with Steemit functions. I will definitely check out the FAQ page you suggested.

Also thank you for the kind compliment and encouragements! I hope I can contribute to the Steemit community too! :)

您好!Welcome to Steemit, chanmk! I wish you an awesome journey here in this culturally diversified yet mostly unified community :) Life is beautiful

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link
@newbieresteemday invite link


Thank you @cheneats for the brilliant suggestions! I will definitely check out the newcomer groups for guidance and new ideas!

Welcome and good luck here!


Welcome to Steem, @chanmk!

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Welcome to the platform @chanmk..very nice pictures.have fun and enjoy ur stay!:) I just followed you. Pls follow back.😉


Thank you @annalorin28 for the compliment! :D Nice to meet you and I have just followed you too.

chanmk I will give you 0.100 SBD vote 5000 resteem and tell you how to get 2 to 4 SBD in every single day see my profile description or contact me on Discord : farhannaqvi7#1327

I would like to welcome you to the Steamit community. I, like you, am new, and I have only had my account for six days. I love this community and I have fun here. I'm sure that you will too. By helping our community grow with unique and quality content, the community will help you. Good luck and happy posting.


Thank you @cebunick ! Best of luck to you too!

Hello and welcome to Steemit! :)


welcome @chanmk to steemit comunnity, a lot of success

Hello you are welcome to STEEM family...


Thank you @hopo04 ! I will work hard to contribute more!


Yea kip posting enjoy every moment here..

Welcome to Steemit, MK Chan. I wish you a pleasant journey here on Steemit.


Nice to meet you, @chanmk! Welcome to Steemit!


Thank you @god-is-love and nice to meet you too!

Congratulations @chanmk!
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MK, you have a beautiful, cute glasses, love the zoo, love your photos, you make me smile.