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Hello Steemians,  it has been some days since i joined this wonderful social media platform. I encountered with some @introduceyourself posts and decided to write one myself.

Being an enthusiast in blockchain technologies and bitcoins i came to know about steemit and decided to kick-start my writing journey here. Behold and i will entertain you with my occasional random posts. LOL

Wondering why i am up with "caveman" alias? Well, i have always been a student of science and  i love technology but part of me hates all of  this. Ever so often i find myself wondering about life of a caveman and maybe someday i can live a purely nomadic life. 

But as i am writing this, a wonderful song that i recently came across is buzzing over and over. And all i want is to sing it  loud... 

And yet I find
And yet I find
Repeating in my head ... - alice in chains(nutshell)

I have ever changing interests and try experimenting with lots of things like poetry (alias: Inklesspanda)  and i love sleeping and taking naps. In my own words

the comfort of my bed assures me,
And Prepares me for the days to come by - Inklesspanda( also me :) )

And i can do awesome pen tricks with my hands as well. 

One of the best tricks i can do is(Slow motion of course!)

Besides, i am amazed by the ways of nature and  i sometimes capture these moments through photography. And i have been at once blessed with the miracle of life( a separate photo story for some other times)

I saw a bird just hatching out of its egg and it was wonderful

Occasionally i like to experiment with lucid dreaming and i have been trying hard to astral project(i believe in this actually). So yeah! we can discuss about this later.


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Have fun and I wish you LOADS of success on here! :)

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Welcome, welcome! I too have a love-hate relationship with the technologies. I often daydream about life on a farm, I love gardening and getting my hands dirty. And yet I say all this as I work a job that tethers me to the interwebs the greater portion of the day. Ah, the great struggle! Much luck to you here. Awesome picture too by the way!

Yes, this is a very true self introduction. I like it.

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