Introducing myself... AGAIN.

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So with the kind suggestion from @gringalicious I've decided to introduce myself again.
Howdy Steemers, I'm Laura and I'm 21 years old from Newcastle, Australia. I'd never heard of STEEMIT before about five days ago when I decided to go for a little lurk and found myself intrigued and surprised at the concept. I loved that you had all this information on different things all in the one place so I decided to give it a go. I mean I thought I had some cool thoughts to share and I wanted to learn a little more about cryptocurrencies and all the endless possibilities that go along with them (STILL DO).

Heres a picture of me from about five minutes ago awkwardly trying to get both my face and my LIl STEEMIT sign into the picture! I'm such a dweeeb!

Anyways, for the future of @carllauz, for anyone who wants to follow. Will be like following someones thought process about literally anything that I find interesting enough to write about. I try and keep things light and easy and hope to make a few STEEMERS smile big smiles, but you'll find a lot of lifestyle blogging on here, I've already posted two posts; one regarding Job interviews and another my growing obsession with STEEMIT.

For those who are interested, my interests include but are not limited to; Russian Folklore, a little bit of healthy eating, healthy living, exercising when I can force myself too, keeping hydrated (IN FACT, i just brought a 2 litre water bottle that I'm pretty impressed with, I can feel the health already!) writing, reading and music.

That is all for now STEEMERS! and as I've said once before but I'm super proud of the play on words so I'm going to say it again. I'm ready to go full STEEM ahead with my page and I'd love to share my stuff with you!

So if you feel kind and you wanna help a girl get an audience I'd appreciate your upvote and follow, :))))

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Welcome to Steemit Land!
Welcome to visit: REPORTS FOR NEWBIES

Thanks for introducing yourself properly, @carllauz! Welcome to Steemit!

Welcome to steemit!


Thankyou:) Excited to be here :)

Welcome to Steemit! :)


thanks I'm glad to be here :)

Welcome to steemit. Great introduction there..followed you as well :)


Thankyou! :) excited to be here! :) will follow you as well :)


Cool, check out some of my posts. Here is a new post i've made which gives $5 Amazon GC to every one. No purchase needed.

Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither but just ask an extra effort, engagement is the key good luck I’m @goodaytraders Start by following people and they will do the same.


Thanks for the advice :))) followed you :)

Very nice introduction! Warm welcome.


Thankyou :))))) I appreciate the welcome!

Welcome to Steemit, so I read everything I liked, so I chose it. Unfortunately, my little voice is not worthy of you. I have tried to distract myself to see if I am getting a bit of a charm. Hmmm one shows $ 3.50 and one today has reached $ 9 maybe we need to understand our audience here. Look at them as consumers. What are they starving Maybe, I keep trying new corners.
Do not forget Follow me here

Welcome to your new addiction steemit. It very positive and people here is a harmonious community. Upvoted and followed hope you follow me too


Thankyou! It is already so addictive! So fun and interesting :) I will :)


Thank you! You will really enjoy it here!

jejeje i going to show U something :)nice post


Awesome :) Thankyou!!


thanks for showing me that post @carlagonz its always good to have a bit of an idea how to reach people on a new platform :)


your welcome, i follow U dear :)


thankyou! I appreciate it :))

Welcome Laura, nice introduction!

Welcome to Steemit @carllauz :)

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Hope the best in this new & challenging environment. I like it writing about several topics that call my attention, from travel, life to science and technology. Here are some of my last posts, that if you can, read them and leave some comments - it will be great.

Best of good luck in the STEEMIT arena …. have given you my upvote & follow tick for the welcome, and of course hope you will follow me .!!


Txs. & Rgds.

Hello! I follow!

Welcome to Steemit @carllauz Laura!

You can have a lot of fun here + make some cash too hahaha


thankyou! I already am enjoying it lots! Ps love the username! Also love a good meme!

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you like it as much as I do.
I'm following you to know you better. Feel free to connect with me 😀

Welcome again to steemit :)) You will love this community! Everyone is so lovely and positive here, and its the best social media platform! If you ever get hungry... dont look on my page :P Alla x

Nice to see you here...just getting involved here myself.
Full steem ahead : )lol