Hey there! I'm Capitella, marine biologist :-)

Hey there! I'm very glad to be part of this. I'm Beatriz. I'm from Margarita, one of the three islands of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. I'm marine biologist, currently studying a master on biological sciences in Caracas. I want to be graduated this year, and become an ecologist .

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I'm currently working as investigation assistant in Simon Bolivar University, and my job is related with the analysis of biological and ecological dynamics of benthonic communities of invertebrates living in soft bottoms in venezuelan coast. Specifically, polychaetes (applause!)


Polychaetes. Polychaetes are some beautiful creatures whose importance to marine ecosystems is plenty unknown. And they're also worms :) My user name, Capitella, comes from the scientific name of one of these species:


Gorgeous <3

Besides all of this, I really love movies, music and literature, and I'll be talking about all of that in this blog. I really hope to be part of this community, and I want to thanks to all of you. See you there guys!

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(That's my best pic. I'm so sorry. I'm not photogenic)

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You'll enjoy it here. Welcome :)


thank you!

Welcome to Steemit Beatriz!!

You seem to have an awesome occupation! If you are interested in more science-reated posts, you can check out the @steemstem community project that promotes STEM-content. You may also find wonderful authors under the #steemstem tag.

Enjoy your Steemit experience and see you around! :)


Thank you! :D

Fun loving Beatrice, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and you are lovely. I like swimming and beaches. Do you live on a paradise island?


kind of :D