Hello Steemit! I'm Renz and this is my first post.

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Hello Steemit!
My name is Laurenz C. Sandoval, I was born in the Phillipines on October 14, 1993. Currently 24 years of age and working full time at Vistaland Lifescape Incorporated-Camella San Pablo, and when I say full time I mean 24 hours a day (I’m just kidding). I’m hired as a Civil Engineer whose job is to manage and monitor my site in San Pablo but right now we also cater other department stuff, like selling, briefing on clients and some political duties. Our company focus on developing their employee to be in managerial position on the future that’s why we do stuff that out of our field. For example I’m a civil engineer but we are also in charge when we have an event set up and designing on the venue and host in event. We are also in charge when our boss Sen. Cynthia Villar do their political activity in Laguna we are the one who coordinate to local government, police and pilot. I know it is hard working in this company but I really love it since I learn things that I never thought I would learn.

My Project Camella San Pablo since June 15, 2015

My Family
I’m the eldest among my siblings and I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Some of you would have an idea how hard it is and the pressure to be eldest child. We are composed of seven members. Unlike other family we are not that kind that to close, we tend to have family problem but what matter most is we are still together and getting stronger.

I also love hiking there are so many mountain that you can go in Laguna and Batangas. This also my way in relaxing and get out to the stressful world.

Mt. Kalisungan 15940825_1578852825463643_5469922649411504915_n.jpg
Mt. Maculot 15965786_1578847802130812_1833277788861142128_n.jpg

Thank you steemit for the opportunity of sharing, I'm not the kind of guy who tend to post on social media and share one but I hope the community help me to change that mentality. And also thank you to my friend and classmate that introduced steemit to me. XD

In every action there is an equivalent opposite reaction so don’t wait for the opportunity and find one.


Welcome to the community pre!

Thank you I hope you can help me in Steem.

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Thanks pam always wait for my i post, i might post regarding your past experiences in life. 🙂

Oh really? Just make sure to gather facts. You can ask me as well. Thanks friend!

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Welcome to steemit Tino!!! My boyfriend also love to hike, hope you two could get along one day. :)

Yeah! I'm only one call away, so we can set our hike maybe this month.

Hey! @cailpo When you do what you love It's no work at all. Glad to have you here and look forward to you sharing! :)

Thanks for appreciating my post. Yeah your right i really what I'm doing right now even it's hard.

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Welcome to steemit pre. Haha

Thank you i hope you can assist me in steem.

Hello dear. My brother is an engineer too. I wish to hear a lot of amazing stories from you. Great day! =)

Ow really? That's nice for your brother. Yeah i hope you've been inspired

Yes. Hes working far way from home but I am used on not seeing him often times. Hahaha

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Thanks bro i hope you can assist me when i do have a question.

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you men. I Appreciate it.

Hey! Laurenz Welcome To Steemit!!
You Look Familiar! Do You Know Abe Santiago?Just asking.

Thank you, yeah i do remember her. She used to be my friend.

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Welcome to steemit po :)

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