Introduction- Jack brown is here

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Hi Steemians.
Good day to you all.
My name is Brown jack (Also known as Bjay). My nickname is created from the initials of my first and last names. I am a proud indigene of akwa ibom state, in Ikot ekpene local government area (although I have never been to my village, but I will go, once am not scared of them anymore). I am a final year accounting student of University of your ,(I really cant wait to graduate, am really tired of being forced to calculate, I hate calculations ).

My hobbies, Well, I have a deep zeal for an extroverted side of life. Cooking is a special hobby of mine (I love the kitchen, intact I love my kitchen), as time goes on, I'd be posting a few of my cookings on here.
Wooah, I love engaging the gym
FB_IMG_15155111048380612.jpgDrawing is a hobby also;
Dancing is also an hobby: I will post videos when ever I can, but see this:
Singing isn't much of a hobby, but I sing, even if not professional; will try to post an audio
Travelling is also a thing I love doing.
I love watching football, am an ardent fan Real Madrid(for laliga) and Manchester united to the core(for the premier league)
Finally i play basketball too. Lebron James gives me great inspiration.
Check this out:
I was born and bred in the west side of the country–LAGOS (the city that does not sleep). Potentially the craziest city in Nigeria. Ojuelegba to be exact. I'm glad I was born there tho, I've learnt a lot and it's a fun place to be. Lest I forget, the Yoruba language is a language I major in basically asides the English language. Asides my mother's tongue–which I'm still learning, i also speak a little English , a little igbo and maybe an embarrassing level of French
I don't think this appreciation would be complete without my appreciation, I'd like to thank @austinejay for introducing me to this amazing community through @stach.
#Project20millionNaija campaign.!


Hello there, welcome to the steem it community. I have followed you and if you would appreciate a follow back. I'm looking forward to see more posts! Have a great day and have fun.

Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow @kinleytenzin
get back to back in touch for upvote

Thanks man.

Hello, welcome on steemit, enjoy our warm community :) waiting for your next post

Thank you..
Coming soon

hello and welcome to steemit community. this is a great platform.
if you like, you can visit my blog and we can be in touch.. #follow :)
really nice pictures, I am waiting for your new post

Oh thank you..
Will follow.

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Up voted thanks for sharing, I love the kitchen too ~ look forward to seeing your posts ~ followed

Guess we kitchen lovers then.

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