Hardfork Profit.

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There have been very many hardforks in the cryptospace.
What is a hard fork?
A hardfork in the crypto world as it relates to the blockchain technology, is a change to the protocol that makes previously invalid blocks/transactions valid (or vice-versa). This requires all nodes or users to upgrade to the latest version of the protocol software.

There have been a couple of hardfork announcements that have resulted into a price surge of the hardforking coins examples are

  • Bitcoincash (BCC/BCH) Serged Bitcoins price.
  • Einstenium (Emc2)
  • Ignis serged NXT price.
  • Bitcoin private serged ZCL price.

This Is why You should never miss out on trading hardforks.
Before buying into any hardfork announcement I always opt to check the duration it will take from the time of Hardfork announcement to the time of Snapshot. (Snapshot is when the blockchain splits from the old blocks into a new chain of blocks). ( pssssst Here is the secret, never buy at the time of snapshot, Buy the dip after the serge of news announcement, only and only if the hardfork is far from happening).

  • If a coin announces that it will hardfork on september 10th and we are in May I will definetly buy that coin.
  • If a coin announces that it will hardfork end of next month I will definetly buy into that coin with all my money and all my grandmothers money, if possible with the whole worlds money.
  • If a coin announces that it will hardfork tomorrow or next week , I will stay away from it. Best example given is Odyssey
    coin (OCN)

How Do We Benefit From Hardforks

We are going to use charts to analyze this query on the mentioned on hardforks up there and some mathematical calculations that are easy trust me.

  1. Einstenium (EMC2)

EMC2 was hardforking to a new chain on December 9-2017 their hardfork announcement was made on OCTOBER 22, 2017 as you can see there was a one month and two weeks time difference from the day of announcement to the day of snapshot.

  • Impact Of Hardfork on EMC2 Price is shown below in a graphical representation.

    EMC2 surged form 0.00000917 Satoshi as at October -22-2017 to 0.00020476 as at December 5-2017.
    Mathematicaly speaking that is over x22 profit, in percentages it is %2200. So how did we arrive to this numbers?
    Price as at Snapshot date ÷ Price as at Announcement date = Hardfork Profit

    So 0.00020476 ÷ 0.00000917 = 22.31
    In Percentages.
    0.00020476 - 0.00000917 = 0.000019559

    0.00019559 ÷ 0.00000917 = 21.3293347874

    21.3293347874 × 100% = 2132.93%
    Total Percentage Profit = 2132.93%
    Onto the next one.............

2.Ignis Hardfork

On Oct 28-2017 Jelurida announced that 500 million Ignis were to be given away to all the NXT holders in a snapshot that was set to take place on December 28,2017. The time difference between the time of announcement and hardfork was
2 months.
This is what happened a few days after this announcement.

NXT price surged from a low of 0.00001271 satoshi to a high of 0.00014011 that was a clean ×11 to all those who bought NXT at 0.00001271.

Lets us calculate this.
0.00014011÷0.00001271 = 11.023
Percentage Profit is
0.00014011-0.00001271= 0.0001274
0.0001274÷0.0000127= 10.031496063 ×100%= 10031.496%
Total Percentage Profit = 1003.1496%

3.Bitcoin Private (BTCP)

Bitcoin private announced that it would harfork ZCL and BTC in a ration of 1:1 on January, 29, 2017 , the snapshot was set to take place on 28th February 2017. The time difference from the time of announcement to the time of snapshot was 1 month.
Impact BTCP hardfork had on Zclassic

Uuuuhm ZCL price surged from a low of 0.00083112 satoshi to a high of 0.0182 satoshi.
Allow me to calculate the Total profit.
As our formula goes.
Price as at Snapshot day ÷ Price as at Announcement day = Hardfork Profit

0.0182÷0.0008312 = 21.896
Percentage behavior.
0.0182-0.0008312 = 0.01736
0.01736 ÷0.0008312= 20.896 ×100% = 2089.6%
Total percentage profit is 2089.6%

                                                                                                    YES! YES!YES

Bitcoin Anonymous (BTCA) Will be Hardforking and the Holders of Both ZCL and BTC will be awarded with Anonymous Bitcoin in a ratio of 1:1. So if you have 1.5 Btc and 20.5 ZCL you will get 22 BTCA.
You can access the countdown here
What Should We Expect?
As time closes in to the time of the Snapshot ZCL and BTC will surge in price. ZCL might bear back to 0.0182 satoshis.

  • Will I Buy ZCL?
    Yes I Have Already Done That.
  • When should we exit?
    Well it depends with your entry point and intention of buying.
    If you bought to get the X22 profit then you should exit before the end of the countdown.
    If your motives were to get the free BTCA the exit after the snapshot.
    I would prefer exiting before the snapshot, a day earlier or so.

This is not an investment advice and there are no guarantees of any profits. Do your own due diligence before investing in any mentioned coins.

Comment if you have any questions.

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