My Second IntroduceYourself - "Hi Everyone, I’m John Boitnott, a journalist who writes for Inc., Entrepreneur and other publishers!"

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Wow - Steemit can be confusing when you're just getting the hang of it.

I first signed on to Steemit back in 2016. I've always loved cutting edge online communities where telling stories and creating content is a priority. Steemit was the perfect blend of these factors so I was happy to find it.

As with many things though, life intervened, I became too busy, and I didn't truly dive in to Steemit. I lost the password to my first account! I had to start a new account, and yesterday published my "introduceyourself" on that new account.

Then, yesterday while going through some old files, I found the old account password. I had long given up the search, so I was amazed that it turned up. Anyway, I thought it would be best to re-share my "introduceyourself" on this, my first Steemit account.

So here it is - the post I published yesterday. Thanks again for your patience -- and for having me on Steemit!

Hi Everyone, I’m John Boitnott, a journalist who writes for Inc., Entrepreneur and other publishers!

John Boitnott.jpg
Hey everybody! I’m very happy to be here on Steemit. I’m a digital media consultant and journalist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I write about careers, entrepreneurship and business at, Entrepreneur, Readwrite and BusinessInsider, among others.

I’m also an an investor and advisor at several Silicon Valley companies and have worked for multiple marketing agencies and startups over the years.

I started working primarily in tech in 2006. Before that I was a longtime TV and Radio news reporter in Southern California, starting in 1994.

I worked most prominently as a TV reporter for the ABC affiliate in Santa Barbara, KEYT Channel 3, from 2000 to 2005. As a general assignment reporter, I covered everything from floods and fires to festivals and city council meetings. Here is a live shot of me from back in those days:

John Boitnott reporting.png

I also worked as a Morning Show Producer, TV Video Editor and Afternoon Radio News Anchor.

I’ve always loved writing, but more specifically I enjoy bringing information to people who need it or who had not known it before. That’s what sparked my love of TV news earlier in my career, and continues to feed my interest in writing and reporting even now here on Steemit.

After moving back home to San Francisco in 2005, I started working at the different TV stations in the Bay Area, and it wasn’t long before I got a job as web editor at NBC Bay Area. Since then, I’ve done stints at Village Voice Media and Venturebeat along with the work at startups and agencies.

I love informing people about shifting technology landscapes and new startups in fields ranging from medicine and education to sales and marketing. I want to share advice on how to run businesses better. I’m here on Steemit because I want to share those stories with the community here.

One of my proudest accomplishments is my series of posts for about entrepreneurs helping underserved communities in the U.S. and around the world. I want to do more stories like that and share them here.

Steemit feels like the perfect place to tell good stories, with its huge community of interesting people.

Thanks for having me Steemit!

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John thank you very much for rejoining us here on Steem and sharing what you have contributed so far! As an investor and advisor in Silicon Value, we are very grateful to have you here because we have hope that Steem and especially smart media tokens will provide value for new and existing communities online seeking to upgrade the business model from one based on advertising revenue to a direct payment as we do on Steem!


Hey Jerry!
That's very kind of you to say. Happy to be here! And yes I agree - a lot of folks in Silicon Valley are giving a good look at business models based more on direct payments like we have on Steem. Some of the people from Reddit know about Steemit and see it as an interesting model.


What's the latest status on Smart Media Tokens right now?


Wolves Don't Loose Sleep Over The Opinion Of Sheep: Evan Marsh: Making The Big Bucks
by Evan Marsh


Thanks @jerrybanfield for always support us in steem and giving us more resourceful information all the time. you are so unique person that i have ever seen. you are a multi talent i have seen. Thanks again.

Very well written article! You have a talent, develop it. I follow you, I'm always glad to make new acquaintances, I hope you will follow me.


Thanks for the hospitality. I will make sure to keep posting quality content for the community here!

Hello @boity... welcome to steemit again!
Looking forward to read your article from Japan...
I'm glad you finally found your password anyway. haha.

I hope you find some succes here on Steemit, for me it has been,I am very pleased with the way things have turned out for me. Altough it might be harder starting now (thats what I have been told by some) but to be honest with your expierence in media you should do fine.
I hope you have a nice day and lots of succes on steemit
If you have any qeustions feel free to ask me!!

Resteemed to almost 3000 followers!
Welcome :)

Hi @boity, looking forward to your thoughts on the latest technology developments in this space. Cheers!

Welcome to Steemit @boity!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Hello sir welcome to the community, enjoy sir and have fun.

Very well said. Youre one of the great contribution here in the site.

Welcome John! I have a feeling it will not take long for you to get a following with your background and interests. Wishing you great success!

Welcome to this marvellous platform, keep that password safe :) S0 great to have another quality contributor on board. Welcome.