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We are a couple living on Sydney Australia's beautiful northern beaches and the two of us, James Sherwood and Danielle Ryan, make up Bluebottle Films.

Our film production work focuses on people's connection to the natural world and in particular the ocean.


Over the past few years we have had quite the adventure. We have filmed above and below the surface in some of the world's most beautiful and unspoilt locations. We have met with some of the most inspirational characters on the planet and have been lucky enough to film many of their achievements.

So we thought we'd share the journey with the Steemit community and create a blog about our adventures and share some of the stories and conservation messages that we've learnt along the way.


A few years ago we started this journey in our home state of New South Wales, filming stories about connecting people to the ocean in their backyard and the importance of having these special places protected. The film was called 'My Saltwater Sanctuary', and it kicked off our passion for these projects.


Soon after, we made 'The Sea & Me', a film about the scientific benefits of marine protection and their benefits to coastal communities. This film took us all around Australia to some of the most beautiful places we've ever seen. Places like Ningaloo Reef, the Great Barrier Reef and Mariah Island in Tasmania and amazingly these places are still rich in marine life due to their high levels of protection.


The following year, the opportunity came up to make another film, 'The Last Sea Treasure'. This film follows underwater cinematographer Julia Sumerling's quest to protect one of the most beautiful regions of the Coral Sea. It offers some of the best diving in the world, loaded with sharks and other large pelagic species and stunning coral reefs. The region has been an area of contentious debate over the previous few years with commercial and recreational fishers fighting proposed protection which is still in limbo today. You can watch the trailer of the film above.

The Last Sea Treasure.jpg

These films and a few others made us realise there was far more to the story of marine protection, so we decided to embark on a new journey. To create a full length feature film about the birth and history of the marine protected area movement. Filmed all over the world and bringing together some of the biggest names in marine conservation, the film is called 'The Map to Paradise', and this blog will follow our journey to create our biggest and most challenging film yet.

To be continued...

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Thanks @newsteemians for this super helpful information!

Beautiful work! Looking forward to your posts.


Thanks @donkeypong for your support! We can't wait to create more blog articles and share this journey with the Steemit community because its been one crazy journey thus far :)

wow great blogging skills for starters here on steemit. Congrats and hope youll grow even more here :)


@julstamban Glad you enjoyed it!


Yeah ...I agree with you @julstamban fo starters they did well...nice comment

Beautiful shots all around! How far along is the film? Welcome to Steemit by the way :)


Thanks @kevinwong, we appreciate the compliment! The film is kicking along nicely, we have a little more to shoot, but we are currently in the editing stage and are super excited to see it finally coming together :)

Two thumbs up for your inspiring films. You're both very artistic! Congratulations and more power!


Thanks @clyde526, we appreciate the praise!


you're most welcome!

You welcome @bluebottlefilms to steemit.just a little advice, to succeed here you need a lot of diligence and patience. Enjoy the journey even as the funds flow in. I upvoted you. You can follow me so we can connect. Goodluck


Thanks for the tip @georgechukwu and for the upvote! We will be sure to connect :)

Passion for the sea and everything live in it, we need education like this to spread the word on how important the seas are to humans.

Lovely introduction and excellent work @bluebottlefilms


Thanks @joanstewart, the ocean is a truly amazing place, we hope to be able to share as much as we can here through the Steemit community. Thanks for your support!

Nice to meet you guys!


@sallybeth23 its nice to meet you too!

Beautiful couple, great work. Welcome to steemit.


Thanks @greatness96, we have plenty more to share so stay tuned!


Okay, I'm waiting

amazing trailer . thanks for share with us ...


Hey @moorkedi, glad you enjoyed the trailer, we'll do a more detailed post about this story in the coming weeks and share a link to the full version of the film. The Coral Sea is such a spectacular place, I wish everyone could get the chance to see it for themselves!

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Wow... Very good work @bluebottlefilms
You guys are doing very well filming both above and below... Great photos...excellent film...wonderful couples... Love you guys...keep it up...


Thanks @kenhudoy for all the love!


Welcome @bluebottlefilms more please and do find time to check my blog posts

Welcome to the show guys!

Looking forward to seeing more of you lifes/work 🐬🐳🦈🐟🐙🦀


Thanks @abh12345 for the support!

Wow so awesome! I'm definitely interested to follow along and see your future posts. I love the ocean!! In fact my favorite place I've visited is the Great Barrier Reef 💕Welcome!


Thanks @polebird, there will be plenty on the Great Barrier Reef in upcoming blogs, so stay tuned!

I look forward to following your journey. I admire your passions for marine conservation! I will be sure to check out your website!


Thanks @cyncarlton we look forward to sharing the journey with you! Thanks for your support :)


I can't agree more @cyncarlton nice comment ...their film work is very good

Great! I will be interested in reading your posts. Following.


Cool! Thanks for the follow @doctorcrypto

wow, couple goals, your life is full of fascinating things and it shows that you are passionate about your work, congratulations and welcome to steemit


Hi @maramed, it's been a fascinating year and we look forward to sharing the story :)

Sounds an amazing project and really pleased to have found your blog resteemed by @liberosist. I'm an ecologist, though mostly a Mamma these days! Haven't been on steemit that long and really great to connect with others passionate about the environment. I'd like to see 'conservation' in the list of top trending tags! Looking forward to hearing more of what sounds like amazing and exciting work. Will also share with my daughter as she will find your work fascinating and further inspiration for her to do her PADI course in a year or two. Welcome to steemit :)


Thanks @monkeygentle it's great to see an ecologist on here. Let's aim to get conservation into the top trending tags! Thanks for sharing as well, the more people we can connect with the more likely we can get people to love nature! Great to hear your daughter is thinking of doing her dive course soon too :)

Welcome to Steemit, James, and Danielle. Watched the trailer of The last sea Treasure. It is beautiful. That you so much for sharing this. I will look forward to your future post. Have fun Steeming.


Thanks @firepower we're glad you enjoyed the trailer and hope you'll enjoy our blog


I will keep an eye out. :)

From a natural history enthusiast in Tasmania, Welcome to Steemit!
Looking forward to seeing your posts.


Great to see another nature enthusiast! @mostly.nature
Tasmania is such a special place, thanks for the welcome, we hope you enjoy the blog!

Hi. This blog has a lot of potential. I would like to encourage you to show steemit sign on your photo because steemit appreciates originals. I would also like to see a little bit longer post. Everything else seems awesome.


Thanks @winvideos for the tip! We can definitely make the blogs longer. That was just a quick overview, we have so much more to share!

Hello James and Danielle, so great to have you here in steemit!

It's so awesome to have filmmakers joining this beautiful platfrom. Me and some others are launching a TV Series powered by steem.

If you need any help or have any questions about steemit, steem..etc. Don't hesistate to reach out in the steemit chat.

Welcome to steemit and I hope you have an amazing experience here. I'm sure you're going to love it.


Thanks for the welcome message @the-alien :)
Will definitely check out this TV series you speak of, it sounds fascinating!

welcome blue ^_^


Haha, thank you!

I like it

There is nothing as good as fulfilling purpose with your spouse. Indeed iron sharpeneth iron. Good job guys. Hope to see more of your beautiful works.


Yeah it has been great for us to realise how well we work together, there is no way either of us could have created any of this alone, its so much work. Plus if one of us was away from the other the whole time working then it wouldn't feel as rewarding. Thanks for your support!

WOW your work is awesome! Welcome to Steemit guys! Very glad to have found a fellow underwater addict as there aren't many on this platform (yet)! I can't wait to see your films! Totally following!


I'll do some blogs about some of our other films as well, so stay tuned!

wow you have a good talent my friend
good post my friends
i have fellow your account
so i need you to support me on steemit
nice to meet you

I'm so happy to see more lens-based ocean enthusiasts here on Steemit! Well met. I just re-steemed your post and am really looking forward to following more of your work. Keep sharing!

Amazing, welcome to TA