Can Steemit help reconnect the world with nature?

We are two grassroots documentary-makers (James Sherwood & Danielle Ryan) from the northern beaches of Sydney Australia, who just decided to give Steemit a go. We are interested in how Steemit works, because it challenges current social media trends.

All the photographs that you will see in our posts have been taken by us.


As filmmakers dedicated to telling conservation stories about the land and the sea, we are passionate about exploring new ideas and methods around how to change the world for the better.

We are curious to find out whether this platform has a role to play in the conservation movement as more people become interested in block chain technologies. Will the audiences that join Steemit be interested in stories that have some deeper meaning and purpose behind a pretty photograph of a dolphin, or a whale, or a 'how to do it' post?

Will they be interested in joining conservation-minded people like us on the quest to protect the land and the sea?


Yesterday, CNN reported that all the baby seabirds of a 18,000-strong Adelie penguin colony in Antarctica have starved to death, with only two surviving chicks. This incredible tragedy is due to unprecedented loss of ice.

Meanwhile, there were other reports yesterday that a hole the size of Tasmania has opened up in the sea ice on the Antarctic Peninsula.

This is a hugely worrying development, but we mustn't lose hope. We can do something to save our home, planet Earth, from the rapidly changing climate: we can do something by starting to express our connection and love for nature and our desire to protect it.


Marketers working for big companies and policy makers do care what the majority thinks. They care what you think, even if you think they aren't listening.

This is why now is the time to make the theme of nature a priority in what you choose to post and share online and in conversations with your friends - whether it is a self-expression through a selfie with a native tree or holding a reusable coffee cup as a symbol against plastic waste - all these images count, and so do the words that go with them.

However, in order for the conservation movement to be effective, it also means trying to get people off of social media and into national parks, encouraging people to reconnect with nature and encouraging people to get to know people in their community, attending local face-to-face community events, talking about the future of the planet, and getting actively involved with local conservation groups, which support nature.


Ironically, our mission is contradictory to what social media communities like this one are about...

So are we the right fit for Steemit? James passionately believes that the Steemit community will evolve to support these sort of topics, just as has occurred on Instagram.

Meanwhile, I (Danielle) am less familiar with this new space. It is still a bit on an enigma to me.

For me, it is important that I make sure that I invest what little free time I have wisely, because I, like everyone else in the conservation movement are concerned about the little time we have left to fix a whole lot of big problems.

So, tell us what you think? Have we joined the right platform? Do you want to learn more about how to protect species and places?

Thanks for your input in advance!

Danielle :)

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Welcome to Steemit! Hope to see some content made specifically for the community here.


Thanks. Will do!



Thank you!

Hey @bluebottlefilms ! Welcome to steemit community! Please share everything that you have to say and show about this most important topic in the world! The more we read, the more we think. Good luck and keep growing! @extremeromance


Thanks for the support @extremeromance! :)

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Thanks @joendegz for the tip!

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Thanks @crazycucumber, it definitely appears to be an interesting concept. Looking forward to getting into it

Great post. I can feel your passion. You came to the right place for sure .


Thanks, @edge-note. Love that you are a surfer, sharing a passion for the ocean!

I like you post, I like what you do, I hope you guys find the way to help the world in a better way, I believe, keep going doing what you like and trust people I still believe we can do better. @bluebottlefilms following you


Thanks, @geydominic! Awesome to know there are like-minded people out there like you on Steemit. :)

Hey @bluebottlefilms, welcome to Steemit!


YES! I would really love to see more posts like yours on steemit. There are a few conservation posts but not masses. Quite a lot of nature, homesteading, eco-friendly stuff but I haven't found much conservation so great to be able to follow your work.

Steemit is time consuming so good luck with balancing your time :) I really hope it will be a good way of sharing your work with others though and hopefully being rewarded for it.



Yeah same here, I've found only a few also, but I haven't had the time yet to look thoroughly through the posts. Totally agree about balancing the time, I'm struggling to find the time to post on a frequent basis with all my other work, but its definitely worth trying to make it work. People on here seem to feel more engaged which is great!

Im still fairly new to steemit myself but I feel that this platform has the power to connect people in a deeper level than those of instagram or facebook. Maybe because of the more time consuming nature of this platform, it encourages more genuine participation and intentions from the community. For the work that you do in film and story telling, reconnecting others to nature I think it's a good fit, cos you will soon find out that there are actual genuine listeners hidden amongst the bots and automated comments. Hence, genuine connection even if the numbers are small! So keep up the great stuff! looking forward to seeing more from you!


Yeah totally, it seems like there is a far more friendly and supportive community here. Also the way it is incentivised kind of discourages negative comments and encourages an engaged supportive community which is pretty cool, so fingers crossed it gains popularity