My Life's Story - Be Strong Be Humble - Difficulties are part of Life - Love Overcomes Everything!

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Thank you so much friends for accepting me on this platform and for giving me a warm welcome.

Its because of all the love shown i have decided to share my life's story with you all.Hope you all like it.


Well lets just say childhood was not that fun.I am so glad my childhood is over and i never have to go back to it.
The moment i started becoming aware of life i knew one thing which was a poison - and that poison was ALCOHOL.
For some crazy reason my dad used to love it.
Well in some families that might not be a problem but i guess my family was different.
There was never a day when my parents would not fight over it.I know this is a common problem now and my heart feels for their children because i know what they have to go through everyday.
Thinking about my childhood and there would always be a tear in my eye.
But the best part was waking up in the morning and things used to go back to normal and my dad was the most caring and loving person in the world to me.
I used to feel that this guy is completely different from last night .But i knew this would change by night.
I guess my mom had got used to it but i was just coming to terms with life.
Speaking of which my mom...the sweetest person i know...went through a lot in life...
I still remember a night when my parents had finished fighting and i was afraid to sleep alone.
I wanted my mom to sleep with me but my dad wanted her to sleep in his room.
My mom actually cut some part of her hair and gave it to me.She told me hold this on your hand and sleep.
That day while i was sleeping on the bed it was the touch of the hair which gave me comfort and it felt the world to me.I dont know what i would have done without you mom...Love you so much...Thank you for being there for me during those worst i wish i could just hug you mom while writing this...i think of you...i really really miss you so much right now....
Well i will not carry on with my childhood because there are a lot of situations and i dont want to get emotional right now....


Lets just say things can only get from bad to worse...
I had my family problems and now there was a new problem in my life....RELATIONSHIPS

Every time i dated a guy for some reason i used to see my dad in him.
May be i had gone crazy...i still dont know the reason...
Everytime some one got angry at me there was no way i was going back to him again.
May be i was too afraid to live a life like my mom.May be i was afraid to get married to some one...
Then came someone who completed changed everything...It was like he was made for me...
He knew all my problems and somehow he adjusted to me.
This was a turning point in my life because he actually showed me that not all men are the same and that there are people on whom you can completely trust.
He bought me out of my crazy life and showed me a life which i always wanted to see.
But all good things come to an end and so one day we had to seperate...
May be he was bored of me or may be he was tired of adjusting...but i did not want to be a burden on him so i let him go...but he did taught me the most valuable thing in life....that love is a cure...and he cured me and went away....but if any day you read this do know that i dont have any hard feelings towards you...
Here are some pics of my you people recognize me?


After numerous problems in life and after numerous untold stories here i am.
Here comes another important person in my life.
This is none another than my best friend who showed me the importance of eating healthy and exercising.
I cant stress the importance of eating healthy and keeping yourself fit..No problems in your life will survive...
Whenever i am stressed i hit it straight to the gym...its a stress buster for me now....
Here she is....the most craziest person i go to girl...she loves black colour and i think it suits her..haha...


I owe this bad habbit to her haha....
Now i am addicted to selfies all the time...


If your still reading this i am so very sorry...I did not expect this to be such a huge post...
I just kept on sharing and i know i should have kept this shorter.
There is so much more to share of me but i dont want to make this post too long.May be some other day i might share more.
Do let me how you felt of my post and do leave a comment below sharing something valuable from your life story so that i can get to know everyone of my new family too.
Thank you so much for giving me your time and for reading.This really felt good to share.
I hope you all have a great day and keep smiling and spread the love.

With Love,


Saudações, lindo docinho Alice

Li sua história e achei que possui pontos pesados. Realmente, imagino que o que você tenha passado em relação á sua família não deva ser fácil, principalmente vivenciar isso na infância/ adolescência que é quando ainda estamos formando nossa personalidade e não temos nossa auto-estima e auto-conhecimento bem formados. Tento me colocar no seu lugar e imagino que você tenha sentido-se bem desamparada nessas horas, certo?????

Também possuo problemas em minha família que me deixaram bem para baixo e estou aprendendo ainda á lidar com isso. Imagino que todas as famílias possuem o seus.

Espero que você fique bem e consiga lidar com essas coisas. Não é algo fácil, mas, temos que tentar olhar sempre para frente. O passado é um lugar de aprendizado, não de permanência!!!!!

Além disso, você falou que é do Brasil, mas não falou de onde? Está morando em outro país???

Espero tê-la ajudado. Se precisar de alguma coisa, fique á vontade!!!!!

Boa noite!!!!

muito obrigado por passar pelo meu post..Isso significa muito para mim quando alguém lê até o final ... Você está tão certo ... os pais têm um grande papel a desempenhar na vida de uma criança ... Eu tenho sorte que meus problemas estão por trás de mim agora e eu posso olhar para frente na vida ... Sim, eu mudei para a república checa bastante algum tempo atrás, mas eu tenho planos para mover muito em breve .. eu realmente quero visitar a Índia e experimentar a cultura lá .. ver ..

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Yes..I wanted to know about resteem...I will go through this article...thank you so much...

You are really beautiful.

Thank you so let me know how you feel about my post..I am sure you will like it...

Maybe I fall in love...

Haha...with my story?

Yes haha, and your style...

Haha...thank you so much :)


Welcome to the community... great post... have fun… !!!

Thank you wilku..i am glad you liked it..

the past does not equal the future

You are absolutely right..thank you for reading my post...
Have a great day ahead...

Wow, great post and thanks for opening up. It can be a frightening thing to do and it certainly takes some strength (and feels great in the end as you say in the post).

Also, it is astonishing how much observing our parents shapes the person that we become. Children are like sponges that are constantly taking in information from our parents whether it be what they say or how they act. I'm happy to hear that you understand that and have had some better male influences later in life.

I am happy that you went through the entire post...while writing it I was not sure whether people would go through it..but I wanted to do it for myself and kept on going...
Your right about the influence parents have on their children...may every child have caring and loving necessary easier with that...

Welcome to steemit! I love that you mentioned staying humble, as that is very important!

Thank you for going through my means a lot...
This does mean that you are humble as well...haha...

What did you do to get this many upvotes?

I don't think I have got many..if you see my payout it's till $6 something...
Did you like my post?any advise for me?

You have 135 upvotes thats no small talk 😄
Yes i like your content.

Thank you so much...
I will follow you...

Beautiful girls 😍

Thank you...
Do have a look at my latest post...I am sure you would like it :)

Welcome to steemit and rock the platform ..Have a great time

Thank you so much..
Wish you all the luck and happiness too...

Wow gal , you made me cry ... I can only imagine what your childhood was like... In my life too there was some similar incidences , my grandpa was the one who was drinking and shouting and I would run and hide behind my grandma , oh yeah I was raised in their home. So my parents were abroad. Then after all that , to go to my parents only to find that , my mom thinks I don't love her , and I love my dad more because it was his family who raised me.... Omg ... We used to fight a lot. I'm more of a crier Everytime when something happened I would just cry...I don't become nagry..idk why..maybe it's a good thing..that's just the things are even worse..hahah

But I love how you put all that into gym..and selfies..I totally agree with you... And the fact that love heals... Hahah but in my life it is my pet puppy Kaiser...who helped me...I have never dated yet...

Wow and your pics from teenage years looks like you are a model..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'm so proud of you sis... 🤩🤩😘😘

You keep being you , you keep being strong..
I love your post so much that I have a feeling that you will win... Let's see 😘😘

You making me emotional now...
Whenever I listen to stories smiliar to mine I just feel the pain...
I hope that your issues with your family has been sorted...and give your pet puppy a kiss from me...
Really nice talking to be in touch...

Offcourse sis 😘😘 you know , now it's all financial problems and many many problems... Oh god. That's why I thought of holding this new art contest tooo. Plus the whole study expenses. It's too stress mn..

I am sure we will survive..we always do...lots of love..

Your post was not too long.

I wish you all the best in life and with your Steemit account.

haha..i know it was long...dont lie.....
you too stay blessed and wish you all the success in life...

Thanks for sharing....
Am just happy you knew earlier that Alcohol is a poison...

Yes..and i hope people dont suffer because of it...its a beautiful world without it...

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Welcome to steemit, blog-fictions! Nice to meet you! I really hope you become successful in this platform!

Sorry to hear about your childhood, but it's great to know that you met someone that made your life have meaning and feel more positive! :) I really gotta motivate myself to excercise more.

I feel that my day job takes a lot out of me and the motivation but I agree, its great to stay fit and eat healthy. Not sure if you said where you are from. I am from Puerto Rico. Please to meet ya!

Hope we can get to know each other soon. Feel free to check out my blog posts too incase you find something there that interests you. :)

And you can come join my Discord group where we help new members like you get more exposure on Steemit:

If you do not have a Discord, making one is very easy! If you need help setting it up, I will be glad to do so. Great Intro post! Upvoted and followed!

Thank you so much for reading my long remove time for yourself and will really help you..yes I will check out your posts today and share my views..I will look into discord as well and join the group..see you there...

Yeah, easier once I quit my 9-5 job, otherwise, I can only do that effort on the weekend but soon enough I will be doing that cause I have bigger goals in life! :) Hope to see you soon on Discord :D

What you plan to do after quitting your job?
I have just joined the group on discord..

This is literally fabulous. Its like a film or something. You have explained yourself so nicely that at leastI can visualize that. I just kept on reading and when ur post ended, I feel like ohhh it ends...:(

I don't think no one has introduced oneself like this over steemit. Good job Alice.

Thank you so much..I am glad you liked it...
You should check out my latest post :)

Hi Alice, Absolutely brilliant introduction you posted here and I recommend you 100%. Your story seriously touched my heart and feel much better finally you came best place. I guess you'll grow up here better and recently you'll get your dreamy goal. Keep going and make awesome contents.
Also you uploaded lovely photo shots. Beautiful.

Thank you so much...i am glad you related to it and liked it..there were lots of emotions going through me while writing it...

My dearest, sweetest Alice... I have goosebumps all over... this is freaky shit... we have so much in common. To start with... my name is Alicia Vera Garcia... me too love photography and cooking.. and my second blog was about my fathers alcoholism.
I wish you all the best, sweetie, you are amazing. And I am gonna follow you :-)

This is really amazing..i am surely going to read your many things in keep in touch...

Welcome to the steemit groups ...great story frnz ...good morning

Good morning to you too..I am glad you liked it..may you have a nice day ahead..

Thanx frnz have a nice day .

You have said enough about you, enough for a community people to know a noobs like u. Your story, which I feel is absolutely true, touched my heart. I also realised that from a very young age, you have experienced a lot of hardship in your family and obviously in your personal life. These difficulties are basically needed in life to make us stronger. I pray that you overcome all the problems whatever you have in your life and get what exactly you anticipate from LIFE. May God bless you and be a good human being and then a Steemian.

Keep on Steeming.. Krishnendu from India

Thank you so much for going through my post..your words are truly warming..may you too have a wonderful life and get all from India?I want to visit that place one day...may be it will be possible some day in future...

You are most welcome. Yes, I am from India and My name is Krishnendu, what's your name and where r u from??'s so nice toeet you..
My name is Alice and I am originally from Brazil.
Currently living in Czech Republic.

so pretty! steemit to welcome

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Nice, content :)

Thank you...i am glad you liked it...

You have put such a beautiful post..i must say i have been in tears while reading your post...i cant believe this is not trending yet..i am looking forward to all your posts keeping publishing new content...resteeming for now...thank you for the beautiful post...

Thank you so much...i knew you would like it...i dont know about trending haha..does resteeming mean it goes posted back again?


I have added u in my favourite list and keep on following u and will Upvote u.
If u would like can do the same.

Bye take care n will keep in touch.

Thank you so much for these beautiful words...i will surely follow you and will now be viewing your posts as well...lots of love...

Alcoholism is more common than people think. I hope you are better now but I must say that as there are 12 step programs like A.A. there are also 12-step support programs for family members of alcoholics because their behaviors deeply affect their families and infect them with what they call the "emotional illness". If someday you feel that you still have unresolved conflicts seek help. Take care of yourself beautiful Alicia!!! Greetings.

Thanks for this Ikar...I just hope the children who are now suffering due to this family problem find a way out...I just hope that they don't get mentally damaged...and thank you for the concern you showed...I will surely be in touch with you...have a great day ahead...

I think you have a great article here, you should definitely use upvote bots/post promoter services to help make your post more visible. Check my wallet how people do it.

Thank you so much for going through it...
Yes, I have being try to research on upvote bots and stuff...
Thanks for your advise it really helps...I will check it out...
Have a great day...

This I mean.

Ohh yes..he was generous enough to boost my post...and after that I did some research on it...

Be brave be strong enough to face hardness of life very impressive and motivated life story you have

Thank you so much...i try to stay strong all the time...

Well it's really bad to know that you faced really hard time in your childhood and also about your parents problem that you mentioned in your post, it's always good to share our feeling with others but sharing these types of personal post on Steemit is really a nice decision because here on Steemit people are more mature and understanding and they will definitely helps you to make you happy,

It's good to know that the blck clouds are now vanished and you found a ray of light in the firm of your new best friend, enjoy your life dear and be happy always.

Thank you..I wish happiness to you too...
As I said on my post..Love conquers message to everyone just don't lose hope..your problems have to vanish someday...

Only the second post and already 30+ comments and what's even more impressive, seems you responded to all of them. Keep it up and you'll be a whale soon. Also love the realness of your story and you seem like a down to earth person. You really should look into doing ulogs, I'm sure you'll love it!

I don't know about being a whale haha...but I really like sharing over here...
And to read the amazing contents that people have...
Everyone who reads my post has invested their valuable I feel like responding to everyone...
I really appreciate you reading my post..and thank you so much for the warm welcome...
Have a great day ahead...

Welcome to the community @blog-fictions

Thank you so much...
I hope you are having a good day...

One thing for sure you have a big heart you are very beautiful and last i like the title which you wrote was amazed. thanks for sharing

Thank you so much for your kind words..really appreciate it...

You are doing really good so far @blog-fictions ! check out this post I did last month on what not to do on steemit in order to succeed ! You will find it to be quite helpful! Welcome to Steemit and best of luck to you! 💁💕👍✌

We cannot go back to make a brand new start, but we can make a happy ending. I am sorry you had to go through all that but those moments helped you and shaped you to see life differently. You were able to appreciate that guy because you have been used to something different and this is why this quote fits perfectly: *"Maybe we meet some few bad people in life, so when we meet the good ones, we can appreciate them". I know you are stronger and better.

For your tags, try and edit it and use teardrops as one of your tags.

Stay strong my friend.

NB: You are really beautiful....absolutely stunning. Take my hug...hugs

God bless your mum. She is admirable and i pray for your dad to do things better. Amen.

Thank you so much for going through the whole post...
Yes so now when I meet good people like you I need to appreciate them..haha..
Thank you for the advise...I will keep those points in mind...
May you get all happiness in life...stay in touch...

Amen and you too my friend. Really glad to be able to connect with you and you have a beautiful heart. Always guard it. Thanks for your kind words dear and i am always here for you.

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Welcome to steemit sweetie, hope you will love it here as much as I do 😊
Great introduction and very brave to share your hard childhood. Some things in life are harder than other, but if we can go through it and turn it into strength, we are winning much!
You seem like a strong person and looks at life in a great way. Wish you all the best and this place is amazing and so many amazing people.
Have a wonderful evening. Cheers! 🌹

Thank you for the warm welcome...really looking forward to meet good people like you...
You too have a wonderful day...

Your welcome beautiful 🤗 you are doing well and has the right spirit.
Glad to meet you and hope you will be as blessed as I've been with so many amazing people ❤️ but I se by your comments here that your already popular.. Lol
One tip that is important to know. If you ever get comments or such with links or people saying someone copy your post or so.
NEVER click on any links as the chance of it to be scam and take your founds is big.
Just a heads up as it's not easy to know being new. But other than that Just keep being YOU and you will do great! 🌹

Yes I just read a post here where some guy got a message and he put his login info in there...after that his funds got stollen...
Thanks for looking out :)

Yes it's sad it happens and I feel for the people that are hit , but just as long as you don't click on any links or share your keys you do great.
That's what we are here for each other 😉👍

Thank you so much :)

You really opened yourself up in the post, so, don't worry, it's not too long!
Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you..i got emotionally drained so had to cut it short...

Welcome to Steem, @blog-fictions!

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Pretty girl i have ever seen...i will follow you...good writing...

Thank you so much...
I am glad you liked it..
Have a great day ahead..

Thank you for your compliment...

Your should have a look at my newest post :)

Thank you...You are awesome, beautiful...

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you so much :)

I think everyone has a different experience, some time so happy, but some time so bad, but everyone have to continue our life. The story of our lives. There are many scene. It go through and will be in our life. We just remember what is good to be encouragement for fight to the future. And the bad thing, we remember as a lesson for not to confront it again.

But you can through it. You be strong.

"Selfies" is like a drug. Hahaha

Yes..we go through the good moments and bad...i try to learn from all of them..Selfie is a drug..haha..true..thank you for spending your time to read my post..

Sure. And you be strong same "Alice in wonderland". Hahaha

Haha..Alice has an emotional story...

I forgot that you are Cinderella....Haha

I think you have the right idea ! Excellent job expressing yourself and sharing your personality . My tip for you would be to break up the text a little more with pictures interspersed vs all together. But overall good work!!

Thanks a lot...yes I am trying to learn how to present it better...people have been helping me out in this platform..
Thank you so much for the tips...really appreciate it..
Baby steps towards my black belt :)

You will get there:) I can tell already

You make me emotional now...

Thank you for the kind words and do be in touch..
I will be following you from now on...
Have a great day :)

Hello Alice, I read your entire publication and let me tell you that I liked it a lot. had to be very hard for you those experiences during childhood, but life always gives us things that fill us with happiness at some time. the maturity with which you took the separation with your partner surprised me and I realize that you are an extraordinary woman, both outside and inside, you made me ask life to find a woman like you, with that strength, courage, maturity and beauty. And if as I told you in my previous comment you are a very beautiful girl. take care of yourself, I'll say goodbye for now I'll be aware of your next publications. my most sincere hugs and greetings.

Some of the love which I find here just blows me apart..I never expected in this platform I will be making so many friends...I am so glad that you could relate to it...yes the difficulties in my life has helped me to grow but I don't want anyone else to go through it...I am sure some one out there is waiting for you...
Nice to meet in touch :)

we all have difficult moments in life dear alice and I was not the excuse for that I understand you. difficult moments only make us stronger. It's a pleasure to meet you too. Excuse me but I think you stole my heart. Hahaha I declare myself as your admirer, I hope it does not bother you. have a great day.'s a pleasure to meet you too...
I will be posting more posts about myself...after that let's see if your still admire me or hate me...haha...
You too have a great day...

Alice in Wonderland, love your fashion, and not too long of a post, love your photos, beautiful, and I'm Oatmeal Joey, and you are amazing.

I am sure you read it all when you say "not long of a post"...
It means a lot to me...
Haha I wish it was Alice on wonderland but its just Alice on earth :)
So nice to meet you...

Haha yes, great, sweet, exciting, thanks Alice. How are you?

It's been a busy day uptil now...removing time to go through all the exciting blogs over here...
What about you?

That's good to hear :)

Very well introduction about your childhood and so on....
i appreciate your way of writing this content...
keep it up and All the best

Thank you so much for reading it...
Good luck to you too on this platform...

Thank you so much for
Reading it... Good luck to you
Too on this platform...

                 - blog-fictions

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I'm not a big fan of alcohol. It get's out the worst out of some people and then let's others suffer for it.

It doesn't even taste good and stinks as well. Looks like you had it rough, but you made it out of that alright, so that's great.

I am really glad that you read my post..weathered the storm..was tough..but have learned a lot..thank you so much for reading it through...

I hope you are enjoying life and that each day gets better and better!
Sending good vibes your way - Tntdabomb

I hope the same for you too...

A very brave post indeed. Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you so much for reading...
Have a good day ahead...

You have earned a really good reputation on this platform. looking forward for more amazing blogs like this one, keep up with good work.

Thank you souch for these encouraging words...

thanks for sharing your experience @blog-fictions big thumps up :))

Thank you so much for reading it :)

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Thanks for sharing your story. It was very deep and I can relate.
Keep smiling and spread the love - I like that!!
Bear Hugs from Papa Bear!!

Thank you so much for reading it :)

I have to say you are brave and wish for your bright future 👍

Wish you the same...
Be in touch :)

Welcome to Steem @blog-fictions.

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Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

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