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RE: The First ICO Backed By a Publicly Listed Company is Now on Steemit and We are Bringing 350 Million Users

beside that Nikita is a beautiful woman, what does this project have what other gamers projects do not... What is your business model, and why to tokenize it. Would be happy to read your comments...


First 350 million real users ready to roll on the platform. Second @kinwai spearheading the project as he talks frequently on CNBC, Forbes, Bloomberg etc.. Finally, when you say Niki is beautiful, take into account that she is at every Blockchain event ..EVERY ...worldwide event promoting Nitro. So my question to you @blockbazari is how can you even tell there are other platforms like ours, when Niki is in the room?

Hi , first thanks for your answer, although it was not to helpful for an potential investior. I went throuh your above posts and I have some questions:

  1. You above say that, if we invest in NOX whe are holding a stake. Can we summarize that a NOX token is like a "share" of your platform?

  2. You are talking alot about participation in the Nitro platform. When this platform will be launched and how this is going look like, for example like a crowd-funding website?

  3. Business model: are you going to fund and help smaller developer to get their games on the market? This would be kind of social, and the community would appreciate it...

  4. How are you planning to enter this oligopolistic market and to gain a share in it?

  5. You mentioned also 348 million are user/gamer backing you. How do you plan to atract this user/gamer to be part of your NOX/NITRO platform? How are you going to reach out to them as they are distributed individuals and not yet part of your network, I guess.

  6. How are you going to make money?

Thanks for your answers. And yes we all admit that Niki is beautiful and very good communication manager (; however this is not a game changer in the industry (:

sorry for the bad spelling I am a dyslexic... (;

Blockbazari your such a big team but still I have no answer...

come on, who needs a business model, just look at the pictures of the ladys... thats absouletely enough...

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