Hello Steemit! I am Erik, introduce myself to this new Steem world

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Hello Steemit!

I am Erik!

I’m very excited to join the @steemit community. I've been on steemit for a while but today I have decided to write my first post on Steemit, of course, introduce myself.


Who am I

I am a web developer.


After working for 5 years in Shanghai, I want to explore more of the world so I move to one of the most beautiful city, Sydney and has been living here for several years.

I am currently leading a front-end team doing cloud-base web applications.


The most important thing in the world, is my family.

I am so lucky to have the parents who support me doing anything I want. a beautiful wife who we love each other so much and my little angel, who makes me smile

She likes painting and she like cakes! haha


Things I like


I like playing basketball, sorry, that's wrong

I LOVE playing basketball Started to play while I was a little kid and I am still playing every week. Anyone in Sydney want to join our team? contact me!

Although I have never get even remotely close to become a pro player, but basketball gives me so much memory, joy, pain.. it's become part of my life.

  • I was the caption of basketball team for my department back in University, those days we prepared and practised together, means so much for me.

At last I want to say:

MJ is the only GOAT and Go! spurs, Go!



Warcraft, not World of Warcraft, just Warcraft!
been playing it for over a decade, ( I guess that means I am old .. ^_^) not sure if there are many people in steemit also love this game, if so, leave a comment, let's play together.


I love going to different places, I've been a lot of China's main cities, and many other area, only regret is have not been to Tibet yet (that time I already bought the ticket but something else happened so have to cancel the plan)

If any of you interested in go to China and want someone to ask for some info, welcome.

Last year went to New Zealand and it's amazing. Probably will show more photos later in other posts, and the city called "Wanaka", Wow! I don't ever want to leave.


Things I want to do this year

explore more places

  • tasmania
  • Maybe go to Europe for the first time.

Learn something new

  • Fishing or Golf is on my to-do list

Contribute more back to community, real life and online,

  • start with steemit, me and my friends are developing an steemit based application, it's a lot of work but I hope we can tell you guys the good news soon.

Okay, I think that's enough, thank you so much for reading all these, I am really looking forward to getting to know you all in the steemit community. Hoping we all connect and become good friends.

Special thanks to @bobdos for showing me this new world.


Welcome to steemit.
Your daughter is really cute. If you share family topics, you can add cn-family tag.

Sure, will do

welcome to steemit... I hope you are comfortable here


cheating code: "show me the money", "power overwhelming", "black sheep wall"...

Enjoy steemit, buddy. :)



Welcome to the steemit Eric.

Thank you!

Welcome to Steemit! :) I also like to travel! May be we can stay connected. Feel free to follow me :)

Thank you! Travel makes life have more color!




You seem like the kind of person I would hangout with. Hey we should follow each other. Welcome!




Welcome to steemit. Hope you will enjoy it

Thank you!

hi well come

Thanks you, really like your posts :)

I am from Australia too~ nice to meet you ^^

my upvote is countless but I am thankful you upvoted my shitpost. hehehe.. welcome to steemit sir! You are in good hands. I salute of u being a wrb developer and leading a team! just wow

welcome to steemit @bizheng

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