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Yours Truly

I'm Bill St. Clair. I started doing political blogging in 1999, first on Dave Winer's Edit this Page, then using BlogMax, an Emacs package I wrote, then Drupal, and finally, Lisplog, a lisp-based blogging package I wrote. I shut down my political blog a few years back. Wasn't doing me any good, and I figured out what I knew before I started: There is no political solution to any problem. Politics itself causes most of the problems it claims to solve. So now I write code, play my trombone, be silly, and dance and sing whenever possible. I'm no longer even registered to vote. Fnord!

A few words about the picture up there. It's in my little hermit abode, taken with my iPhone propped against a pill bottle on the floor, with the timer.

The elephant is named Garth. I found him at the local Price Chopper, and he begged me to come home, to keep me silly. I'm wearing one of my seven Utilikilts, one of which I wear every day, all year long (with sweat pants underneath in the cold months, so that I don't freeze my nether regions off).

The trombone I bought in tenth grade, for $600, which was a lot of money in 1972, especially for a high school student. Paid for it by playing it in bands, at $15 per gig. Now I play it every week in a nearby concert band. And I leave it out on its stand, so that I'll pick it up whenever the music moves me to play along.

I work at home, writing software (mostly Lisp and Swift of late) on a big 27" iMac computer, with an incredible external DAC, near-field monitor speakers, a sub-woofer, and lots of CD-quality music that I've collected since CDs were invented in 1984. My tastes are wide-ranging, from Beethoven to Madonna. I play music almost all the time. 'Twas The Eagles earlier this afternoon. Now Dream Theater. I tend to play whole albums at a time. Maybe I'll do a post on the wonder of really good computer sound.

Did I say I dance a lot? I did? Good. I do.

Hello, Steemit! Well met.

Bill St. Clair
9 August, 2016


Hello Bill,
Welcome to the world of Steem Power...let's make some noise...

Holy crap, I actually used to use blogmax for my school news blog!

Your package saved my proverbial skin more times than I can count!