A big hello to every steemian:) I am new here.. and here is my short introduction..

in introduceyourself •  2 years ago 

Hello everyone. My name is Suman.

I am from India..

Actually, It's been a month since I joined Steemit, but only one post i have done:)

because of my 12'th exam, I haven't sign in steemit during the long time.. thank god it was finished.

Now I can spend my time here:) but I am facing very much difficulty to understand the platform, hope everyone guide me to explore the platform,.

Thanks everyone:) Hope I will enjoy steemit:)

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Welcome to steemit Suman.👋🏻

Thank you very much @travelfusion

Hello! Welcome to steemit community! Enjoy your time here 😊

Thank you @gwenbyyy

welcome to steemit, hope you can give information and good work and interesting to other steemit users, and do not forget always to support all activities in this steemit.

Thanks @francoojy . Sure I will try my level best:)

Nice Post dear. Welcome to steemit and enjoy your time here.

I have followed you, follow me back to be getting up votes from me on your future posts. https://steemit.com/@chokomenia

Thank you.

Thanks @chokomenia

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