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Hello Steemit!

I am a fine art and commercial photographer on the west coast of the US. I love shooting food and architecture, so naturally my favorite clients are restaurants. But I'm always striving to find the beauty in anything and everything.

I always love experimenting with new tools and techniques, but I really believe it's the photographer that makes the image great not the camera, so I try to encourage others to get out there, have fun and experiment with whatever equipment they can get their hands on. A better paint brush will never turn you into Vincent Van Gogh, but if you learn to create an image with meager tools, think how much more you'll get out of higher end equipment when you get the use them in the future!


Looking forward to getting to know the community!



Nice picture ! Welcome to the community @bhp ! Glad to see you here !! Happy Steeming !!

Thanks @akkha, Really looking forward to learning my way around here :-)

You are good ! Keep it up .

Hi Bill, welcome to Steem!

hello @bhp welcome to our community 😃

Welcome @bhp you gallery is pretty awesome, you will do well here!

Thanks @azfix! Looking forward to learning more and meeting new friends!

Welcome bill, I hope you will utilize steemit as a way to monetise your advertising of your great photography. If you keep regularly posting, with photos of the quality of the one you included here, you will do very well in that regard.

Welcome to Steemit @bhp looking forward to seeing your work!

Welcome to Steemit @bhp Photography is just one of so many topics on here. Post, comment, follow, vote, resteem. Manage your rewards well, and tell your friends too.

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