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my name is @BenKweller.

i'm new to Steemit.

my dear friend, @benleemusic, thought i would like it here.
like him, i create music and have done so for most of my life.
also like him, there is more to me than just my music.
i'm excited to share those things with you and learn more about the things i love.

you can go to to learn more about me.

i even created a discount code just for Steemers and Steemians (whichever you are!)

10% off everything in my store. CODE: steemit

talk reel soon. xobk


hell yeah! i like your debut album quite a bit, ben.

Sha Sha, Sha Dooooooo! thanks bro.


Welcome to steemit Ben! I hope you have an amazing experience within this awesome community :)

thanks man. stoked to be here. :)

It's great to have you on Steemit. I'm going to go check out more of your music now!

Welcome mate! Can’t wait to see more of your stuff here. Ben Lee has quickly become quite the Steemit champion. :)

I remember hearing your stuff on Triple J a while back. The Rules In is a great song.

hell yeah!!! i love Triple J!!!!!!

Welcome to steemit. Hope you will keep posting some of your performances here.

@hanshotfirst for sure!!!!!! i'm already planning some good content.
would you prefer videos embedded into my steemit posts, or straight Dtube posts??

Welcome To the community!!!

Welcome to steemit, benkweller!

Hello welcome to Steemit.Good intro post

Hello 👋, welcome to steemit

Hi Ben! Welcome to the steemit community. I am new myself! I hope you enjoy your time here. I am going to check out more of your music, for sure!

Welcome to our community.

When you see entertainers like yourself joining here it speaks towards future success and adoption. That's exciting as hell.

Thanks a lot. Glad to be one of the early adopters. Thanks for whatever upvotes, resteems and follows you can throw my way!


Wow Ben Kweller is here that's neat! Welcome :D

Welcome to Steemit @benkweller Have a nice day!

Welcome to steemit.

thanks for the outpouring you guys!!
@wordsmith777 @cryptkeeper17 @benedict08
this place is so rad…

Welcome to Steemit! Enjoy your stay here and have fun! :))

Nice to meet you, @benkweller! Welcome to Steemit!

The Rules in rocks. Nice intro track. Show me all the rules steemit, I just want to get along.

Haha! Thanks @carstem!!!

Hey man! Nice work, I enjoyed the videos you shared, you're talented. On D.Tube I run a show that is dedicated to shining a light on musical acts. If you want I would love to feature your work!

SHA SHA!!! Amazing running into you on here! this is my first Steemit reply and post. Loved the first album so much. It was a phenomenal group of songs, front to back! Looking forward to see more updates from you on here.

hi guys im new here . thanks for welcoming
thanks for following i follow back who follow me and upvoteback

Welcome Ben! Hope to see more from you. Following! Cheers!

Hi how are you? Really nice intro and great GIF :) i love it ! I would like to connect with other cool and creative steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.

Welcome bro

@easypeasy thanks! have you been on here awhile?

For 1 month I think

Welcome to steemit benkweller, i hope you'd have a great time here.

Very good post, I am also new here. The greatest success in everything you post. Keep it up, friend.

Hello 😁 I'm also a newbie here. You have a unique intro. I liked it.

Whaaaat??? Ben Kweller???

Yooo Ben, I was listening to you before you got big! Good to see you here!

Do you write Haikus? I have a Haiku contest, I'd love for you to enter. The most recent round just closed but I'll open another round in the next few days. Check it out

Maybe a Haiku song?

Excelente bro! Bienvenido!

hi @benkweller , i m a new joinee too, pleasure to meet you!

Wow that is awesome @benkweller you were on Letterman and Conan? Amazing work on the musical front sir, I am glad you have landed on the platform, you will find this place is unlike any social media that you have experienced in the past. Such a wonderful community of great people! I am inviting you to the contest I am hosting a chance to get upvoted and get rolling on here more quickly! Feel free to ask questions I am always happy to help!

Hi Ben! Yes, you're our very first rock star we've featured...

You've been featured in The Fresh Five!
It's a daily post designed to help introduce brand new Steemians to the community.

We're all here to help you find new friends and answer any questions you might have.

Here is the link, come say hello:

Welcome to Steem!

Duuuuuuude! @benleemusic is freakin' awesome! So I'm excited already! Can't wait to see what rad rockin' stories you share with us here. Super pumped!

Welcome to the rest of your life :-D

haha! yes... oh yes...

Welcome on board you are going to love it here.. Feel free to follow me so we can support each other with upvotes

Welcome to steemit! That’s some pretty impressive video, I look forward to hearing more from you! The best of luck to you 😊

Welcome. Nice songs! 👍

Hi Ben! Good to have you here! :-)

Hello, you have beautifu start in Steemit. Good luck, and great introduceyourself post :)

Selamat datang dan terima kasih

Welcome to steemit.

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May the peace of our lord be with you now and for ever.

Once again welcome to steemit

Hola bienvenido, quisiera invitarte a formar parte del proyecto Familia Romana. Te dejo dos link: uno explica el proyecto y el otro es tu invitación al canal de discor del grupo.

nice yo know you buddy @benkweller

i cover music/band like you toocover youtube.jpg


Follow me

welcome to steemit, do not forget this, here is a place where you have to feel good..... good luck in future