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Hello everyone!
We are so so excited to announce the joint account @bearandbee and Introduce ourselves to Steemit Community!



I am Alla, 30 years old ( literally just turned), you can see my account here @allasyummyfood and Ivars, 31 years old, you can see his account here( @ivargereiko).




We have a wonderful story of how we met and how this bear and bee channel happened. I am beyond excited for this and thrilled to keep growing the Steemit community.


We want to be the Fitness Couple of Steemit that travels the world and shows you best places to eat, best excursions to do - on a budget and without! We will be sharing how to stay healthy and fit while you travelling and of course we will talk about crypto - as this has changed our lifes.




I introduced Ivar to Steemit good 8 months ago when we met. It actually happened on our first date! I know, i was talking about Steemit on the first date! But I was just soooo excited and if you met me before you know what I am like. Ivar took some time to understand the platform, and then we travelled to Portugal for the second Steemit Festival , where I itroduced him to the community and amazing people like @nanzo-scoop, @timsaid, , @terrybrock , @starkerz , @sneak , @anyx , @jerrybanfield, @gringalicious, @saramiller, @roelandp, @kevinwong , @knoziaki , @stephenkendal , @redrica , @ezzy , @vandeberg , @exyle , @demotruk, @wingz, @andrarchy, @blocktrades, @rea, @heiditravels, and many many others !!! :)


He got so excited and inspired after the festival, that he started posting his Fitness videos and blogs! I usually post about food on my channel and also about steemit lessons.

This joint account is really something that I always wanted to do, but I never had the right person to do it with! Now that we met, and we both love the same things, we decided to do a joint account to travel the world and meet you guys everywhere!






We are both from Latvia, a small town called Daugavpils and strangely enough we never met there, and trust me the town is absolutely tiny!! Now we met in London, a huge city with millions of people! So really an incredible story, but we can do a video on it, if you would like to know how we met and what really happened.... hahah


So like i said we will be doing mainly vlogging about our travels, food, fitness and crypto! You will get to see all the behind the scenes of what is happening and crazy things!





We also would like to meet you if you are based in any of these cities that we are planning to go to next! Let us know, and perhaps you could show us around, take us to hidden places and get to be in our video as well!


I have never done anything like this before, both me and Ivar are so excited, nervous and hope that you will appreciate all the original content we will be creating just for Steemit and @dtube! A lot of hours and hard work already went into filming, editing, taking pictures and we love it and we hope you will help us achieve our dream to see the world and blog about it and show you! You can expect the highest quality photos and videos!





Next places that we are going are in the next several months are :

Give us a shout if you are living there and if you would like to show us around :)



Lots of love from Alla @allasyummyfood and Ivar @Ivargereiko!


Please follow us, re-steem , share, vote and comment on our account! It would mean the world to us!!!


Steem and Dtube on!


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You are very pretty couple! I think you will have a lot to tell us in your posts! Especially about your trips :]]

Very good Post! You are a very pretty couple 😁

Very nice story, cute couple. I wish you the best in your travels. I live in Chicago, not the most exciting place to visit in the winter, but during summer it's an awesome place to see!

Awesome intro post 😍 welcome to steemit

Nice pic but the snake pic got me flying quick but it is a pic.
Looking good and enjoy steem,
Keep on steemin'


hahahaha yeahh it was a bit scary!! :D

very nice couple

I'll be in London in the month of June ... would love to meet you both Steemit-ers :)


ooh sounds great! give us a shout closer to time!! :)

I can't wait to see your next post! Welcome to Steemit!

Nice to meet you. Very cute couple.

Can't wait for your future content


Yeah, I totally agree. You guys seem like an interesting couple that will bring a lot to the steemit community. Fitness is a great assets to improve lives so we would love to see the wealth of information that you will be adding to our family. Welcome.


thank you so much!! yeah we are so excited to share everything with you and all our travels!!


Really glad to connect with you. I look forward to reading your next posts and helping you to achieve your steemit goals. Peace. CS (Lio)

Joint account... sounds interesting!!!!


hehe yes it will be indeed!!!!

Travelling around and having fun I see :)

Enjoy people! :)


heheh always :) thanks!!


Awww, you guyyyys. Welcome as the official Steem-couple, haha! Look forward to following your adventures!

Oh and P.S. Stealing my title? I see....


Yo! They gangsta, stealing your title! ;)


Haha, for real 😒😒😒 Haha


hahah thanks sweetie :))))

Nice couple , nice places and please bring more stories of your life . Particularly i am interested to know about health and fitness.


yes we will ! thank you so much!

Look forward to following your future travels. Welcome aboard guys.


Thank you for warm welcoming!👍🏻🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Nice couple you are!


Nice biceps bro!

Wow. I see love in the air... Allah! My favorite food blogger. Priviet! Nice to see your bear 🐻 finally. Guess your 🐝 honey bee has caught him so very much. 😍
So much excitement and giggling in the video...very nice and am gonna follow the bearbee blog to enjoy this more. @bearandbee here we go for fun and pure adventure.
Keep the steeming hot love and fun on guys. We love you. Keep it coming


aww thanks so much :) such kind words and yes you guessed it right :P hahah :P we love you too! x


Following and can't wait for the bear hug & honey bee ! 🐝 and hey, hope you wouldn't Sting ma'am bee 😎👌

Thank you for sharing so many pictures with us of life together and introducing this new account! I will be resteeming soon!


aww thanks so much Jerry!! we will really appreciate that :)


Thank you so much Jerry!

Wheey! My favourite Steemit couple 😉

Looking forward to see you post your join ventures, let me know if your travels come across Sweden so @sandrastarud and I can host you 🙌🏼

Big ups!!


Heyyy guys!! ooh sounds amazing!!! Sweden is on the list, we will def get in touch with you :))) thanks for kind words!

looks like you've got some exciting vacations coming up! safe travels ✌ 😄


heheh thanks sooo much :) we do!!! maybe we should come and visit you :P where are you based?

Wow, what a great story! I am always jealous of your travels and of course your food posts! I hope to someday be able to travel and experience a lot more that this world has to offer. Glad you were able to meet someone that makes you happy, and it's great that he is into Steemit also!


heheh yeah you will!! thanks so much!! yeah thats why we are doing a joint account!

Do you have any idea how badly those elephants you were riding are treated in Thailand ? or the Monkey's ? seriously. Not good, I'm surprised you didn't go to the tiger temple too. Please don't support Animal Cruelty on your travels. Thank you and have a great trip :-)


well im sure its not everywhere, i was asking a lot of questions about it and we donated money for them!

Thank you for collaborating with me to promote this post as explained at

Welcome to Steemit! Good luck friend, it is fantastic to be able to see and read about those experiences.


Thnak you so much we looking forward for adventures

Hi how are you? Really nice intro and couple, i love it ! I’m a new steemit user as well and would like to connect with other cool steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.


heyy we are good! thanks so much! sounds good, we will check you out!!


Same here, i will follow your next posts for sur. Peace. CS


Thank you very much for supporting my post as it says here

welcome, I love all the photos of your trip travel, upvote and resteem


thanks friend :) we appreciate it!

How exciting! You have a beautiful story and I hope you enjoy a lifetime of happiness together. It is wonderful to see that Steemit brings people together in real life as well. Steemit really does change lives! My wish is to become successful on Steemit like you, which will allow me to travel the world with my husband and Steem about it along the way! As always, thank you for the inspiration you provide me every single day!


aww thank you so much!! yeah it really is like a dream come true for me! i am so happy ! yeah it will come true , just keep working hard! :))


Thank you for the encouragement 😁

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thanks guys!

Welcome to steemit and have fun. Looking forward to more stories of you. My follow to you=)

Love it! You two are going to have so much fun with this :D


heheh we really hope so :) thanks hunny!! :) xxx

Nice to virtually meet you both Alla and Ivar. I can see in your post you really love to travel and explore beautiful places. Have you visited the Philippines already? If not yet, you should visit soon. We have many beautiful places here, especially Palawan. By the way, welcome to steemit community. Best of luck and enjoy!


yeah travelling is my huge passion! no i have never visited Philippines, but i would love to!! its on my list to do!! :)) We will come and you will have to show us around! heheh !


No problem. hehe

Happy to join, keep working and do not forget travelling hehehe

So excited for this channel :))) let’s grow it together girls and guys!!! Xxx


wellcome looking dashing couple


Cheers so much


Yeah my numero uno food bloger turn bee . 👌 My regards to ur bear 🐻 💪

great trips ahead, my friends

Welcome to the community! :)

Welcome to Steemit,

Hope you enjoy the community.

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Wow you really been to many places! Nice introduction! Welcome to the community!


thanks soo much!

Hey you two! I love your post and I‘m eager to learn more about your suggestions on how to stay fit while travelling :-) I‘m around Asia, New Zealand and Tasmania at the moment so not likely to be in one of your next stops soon, but keep posting them, i‘ll be back in Europe in November!


yeah sounds great we will do that!! :))) ooh wow those are all on the list!!! if we do go there would be in winter time!! :)

wow that's awesome intro @bearandbee ...i feel i have to travel right now and join gym too.


heheh thanks so much!!!

Looking forward to your posts, guys! Awesome that you have a hint account now! I'll be following you.. obviously! Xx


heheh thanks so much :)) :P there will be blogs about malaysia soon as well ;)

Excelente post

Hello my friends <3 I will follow and upvote you :)


thanks we appreciate it!!!

First of all U guys look so amazing #Together..Nice pair
#Brother Trust me She is the best 4 u. Don't ever lose her because u won't get someone as beautiful as her.
Welcome to the Steemit Family.
Im also following you brother.
Thanks for sharing a very good post.


aww that is so so kind! hehehe :)) blushing here!


Thanks bro.
Hope u will earn more $$ in steemit

Looking forward to read more of your stories! Have a great day.

Lawyer Up, Hit the Gym and Delete Facebook. Seems like y'all have those bases covered already.


heheh thanks ;)

welcome ..your photo is beautifull


aww thanks!

go through my profile @bearabdbee

You are really awesome in round the world surely you growing experience, the more you look at growing your insights, I thank you because I can join you tlah, Steemit more advanced, thank

Joint account & a couple. You are awesome. My name is @rexrumi. You are cordially invited to visit my country Bangladesh. One of the most beautiful country on earth. I live in comilla city. Rex Rumi is my facebook account.

You can contact me there.. i would love to show you guys & explore my beautiful country.


thank you soo much! India is def on our list, so we will be coming!! :)

welcome to the steemit world, nice couple...

omg so beautiful! +_+


aww thanks!

this is a great post. i appreciate your post.n thnaks for sharing

Penyaket kah gam

wish you a happy joined life and upgraded experience level ..past is gone,future is here..


eheh thanks!

That's really great. Have a very happy life with a lot of fun. Following you and waiting for your next posts to come. :)


aww thanks so much!! soon it will do!!

both looking awsome✌
yea steem will change the life

Awsome couple ....

wow! amazing post. i love it! and holy cow what do you guys do for a living to be able to travel that much! truly amazing, share the knowledge! i love it, i cant wait to follow for more :)


well its our plan and idea, so we will be starting now :))) hopefully it will work out!!


yeah! well i hope everything turns out fantastic!

Put a ring on it dude........


wong your i love your body is nice

So finally you created this joint Steemit account that you are talking about in your recent post dear,😇

Iam very happy that you two choose Creating a new account to your similar interests and love to the Steemit community,

It's really exciting to see what you two bring on this new account.

Iam waiting for your next post dear and bro .😇😇

Welcome to the community agin😅


heheh yes yes we finally have done!! I am soo excited!! hopefully this will be a game changer and help us achieve our dreams!!! :))


Definitely 😇 you got my full support.

welcome to steemit family i hope so you will enjoy awesome feelings with my steemit dashboard you will folow me

Wao @bearandbee its a one of best post over the steemit. As per am content writer so i can analyze your excitement and feeling as well. So i want to say you good luck for your journey :)

This is great 👍🏼 always interesting when are you posting again?


we will try and post as much as we can :))) maybe this week!!

wellcome looking dashing couple


aww thanks babe ;)

You guys are theshiznit!!! This is exactly the kind of romantic relationship people need. I love how you support each other. Yall rock!!!
I'm definitely following!!!


heheh thanks!!! so sweet of you!

awe you guys were in Kuala Lumpur ! You gotta give me a buzz next time before you come ... there are a lot of steemians who would love to meet you guys !


eheheh yes we will have to explore Malaysia again i think and pop over some time!! :))

wow, that most interested traveling
i hope so, some day :D

Come visit me in South Africa. I stay in Johannesburg and I know you guys are going to love it here. I can even take you to Durban where you get the freshest morning jogs on the beach, chow the freshest sushi and hit the warm Indian Ocean. We can even go deep sea fishing if you like the taste of fresh tuna. We can also visit the Drakensburg mountains where a lot of German have these cool restaurants. I can show you my hometown which has the most amazing forests where there are no roads, cars, planes; sometimes even people..


ooh wow that made me wanna book my flight already! heheh thanks so much for the kind invitation, i will put that on our list and we will let you know when we come :)) Ivar loves fishing and fresh tuna sounds just out of this world!! haha!



SO Lovely. really pretty. looking forward to seeing more content from you guys. like the pics


you are welcome

You are both welcome. We can't wait to enjoy your travel contents.


aww thanks so much!


dorth dude I am a new member in here
please visit this profile

A good post, you are a great couple. something beautiful can be from hard sacrifices, hopefully you get a lot of votes


thank you so much :))) x


Thank you !)))

hey, I am new in here

I am very impressed with your love. I wish you joy and experience together many happy moments.

'I'm 29'... see I said you'd be 30 (again) soon. Look forward to helping you celebrate (again)! ;oP


hahaha :P :)) true true !!x

welcome both . looking forward for your adventures and interesting stories

First it looked like you were in the same shirt haha

Welcome to steemit

Greeting from India mates ! Great to see you guys here . Look Forward to your posts . Upvoted and Followed :)

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Can't wait to see and hear about all of you adventures!! Thanks @journeyfreedom

You look like you guys are having fun. Btw, whats up with all the duplicates?

Should come check out the states!

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Hi guys!! I reallyy liked your introduction, I am actually starting a more "fit" lifestyle and I think you will bring me some great ideas!! I also love to travel around the world and share all my experience so other people can learn from it! Hope to see more of you guys in here you look adorable!!

Wow! This is amazing you guys! I like how you two met each other. What are the odds right? Looking forward to your updates and travel stories.

Pretty Couple .... waiting for next post...

Nicee! Good idea to make this channel. Looking forward to the videos. Btw where did you get that intro music from, I remember it from somewhere but can't remember where :)


aww thanks so much @gisi! we look forward to meeting you soon!!! :) I used my old library, cant remember the tune now, i will have to check :P


Yee looking forward to the meetup in london and the conference on april 14th, i'll see you both there :)


thanks so much :)


you guys really make a perfect pair, can't wait to reading amazing post from you. you are indeed welcome to this great platform.

Wow wonderful photography and brilliant
I follow u and I like your work