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My name is Bart Veeken and I was born almost 45 years ago in the Netherlands. I live in Haarlem, a beautiful ancient city, just twenty kilometers from Amsterdam.

I am a teacher at a school for children with learning disabilities. From my own experience I can say that these people are very special and unique, but unfortunately not fully accepted in society.

It is a nice job but not very fulfilling for me lately. That's why I invest some of my time and money in exploring other ways of earning an income.
I invest in stocks, precious metals and cryptocurrencies. I also tried some day trading, but that was not so good for my blood pressure and I gave up on that. Only long term investments for me.


I am a guy with many passions, so I do a lot of things besides my job.

Since a few months I spend a lot of my spare time on photography. I'm eager to learn and I take it quite seriously. If you follow me here on Steemit you'll find some of my work, which I will post on a regular basis.
Another passion, that is very much related to that, is graphic design and processing pictures with Photoshop and Lightroom.

I'm very interested in the world around me, so I research a lot of things. I'm mostly interested in geopolitics, science, technology, finance and philosophy. Some of my posts and resteems will be about these subjects.
I also like to read (or listen to) novels and I have a passion for Marvel and DC superhero comics. When I have some time left I like to watch tv series, movies and documetaries.

Did I tell you I also like to travel? :)


I follow @dollarvigilante on Youtube for a while now and last week I watched a video in where the developers of Steemit explained this idea of a social media platform where people are getting paid for posting content. I became very excited and immediately created an account. At that moment I bought a few Steems to power up my account and within 48 hours the price of my Steems went up 300%. My first experience was great!

I spent some days reading blogs here on Steemit and I also posted a few blogs and pictures myself. I'm very excited about this platform and I think it has a lot of potential. I'll stick around!!

If you like what you just read about me, than follow @bart2305! I'm looking forward to meet some interesting people here!

Me on Facebook and Twitter:


Other interests:


Geen Nederlander maar een verloren gelopen Belg hier 😉 Mooie en duidelijke intro! Bedankt voor de upvotes van gisteren... ik upvote ook, maar voor het ogenblik zijn mijn geweldige stemmen nog niet veel waard.
Anyway, benieuwd naar je foto's dus ik volg...cheers!

Wat leuk dat je me volgt. Ik ga je ook volgen! :-)

Graag gedaan 👍 Ben al blij dat ik af en toe echte fotografen tegenkom, ze zijn niet zo dik gezaaid hier...

Great intro post, welcome to steemit

Thnx for the compliment @gringalicious. I follow your account now. Love some good food! :)

Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy being on this social media platform. Maybe eventually we may not need Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. All those greedy corporations getting rich off our content, and giving us ...ads. Steemit pays.

The market will decide what will happen with these greedy corporations. Let's spread Steemit around as much as we can! :)

Hey, Welcome to Steemit Bart! :-) I like your photography!

Thanks a lot Vinay!

You are welcome to steemit @bart2305

Your presence here is very valuable to us. You can participate in the 50 word story contest for new Steemians for an opportunity to win big.

You can follow this LINK to get more information about the contest.

Welcome to Steemit! It always makes me happy when new users arrive!

Dank je Exyle. Happy to be here.
Ik was vorige week nog in die prachtige stad van je. Een hoop foto's gemaakt. Binnenkort post ik er een paar.

Welkom Bart! Altijd mooi om nog meer Nederlanders op dit platform te hebben ;) Veel succes ! Wij gaan je volgen ;)

Die Hollanders zitten ook overal!! :) Leuk dat jullie me volgen. Ik ga jullie ook volgen hoor! Ben wel benieuwd naar jullie verhalen.

Welcome to steemit @bart2305
Nice photographies!

Thanks for the compliment @blackwidow1

Dag Bart, welkom in steemland :-)

Gaaf een Nederlander erbij... Veel plezier Groeten uit Middelburg.

{NL} Gezellige boel hier :)

En nog eentje. Is er eigenlijk een Dutch trail?

Er is een tag volgens mij. En anders maken we er een! :-)

Wat is die tag?
Of gaan we voor #dutchies .....?

Welcome to steemit @bart2305 =) Best wishes !

{NL} Welkom Bart!
Veel Steem plezier!

Groeten uit Mooi Oldambt!

{NL} Met recht mooi daar in die hoek! Jaloers ;)

Welcome to Steemit! I'm a total noobie myself. I'm a staring artist and thought damn there must be some other ways to create a revenue stream leveraging cryptos and boom a few days later searching the interwebs I was lead to the @dollarvigilante and many others talking about steemit for content creators. I've only been here a few days now and I'm flabbergast about the community, platform and the stunning innovation here in it's beta stages. I'm just stunned.

I'm going take up photography soon again so I think I'm going to follow you. I could learn a thing or 2 I think. I want to apply it to my video and animation work.

Wow! I went to Haarlem last year for the first time and thought it was such a beautiful place!

Yes it sure is! :-)

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