Use your SKILLcoins! Holy snicklefritz, Is that a WHALE? no its a NINJA, no its a NINJAWHALE! Tokenization for YOU! Find all the secret DEETS within. <3 for everyone supporting my journey!

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Oh snap, a SKILLcoin Partnership?! 

Yes you heard right, SKILLcoin has gotten an exclusive partnership with the @ninjawhale trail, created by @btcvenom.  An up an coming service for Steemians that will increase your votes, and thus, your REP and much MORE!

This service includes an upvote trail that includes over 40 upvotes! 

So what is it and why do I want them? 

First off,  It is a coin/token that is going to be spreading through the Steemit Platform and will be used to reward and enforce the QUALITY content that we all love.  But not only that.  I will be sending these coins to those who have talents that are not being “represented” or may not be getting the attention they “deserve.”    I will personally be doing in depth research scouring the platform for those people who, time and time again, produce quality contents using talents that they have learned in life.    Basically, Its a coin given to those with some SKILL! <3I will be on the whaletank tomorrow discussing  more about SKILLcoin, as well as giving some to every person who comes! 

Well what dis mean? and how do I get em?

So, its pretty basic as far as acquiring some SKILLcoin.  Be awesome, have skillz, and win contests.  But we will also be looking out for the MAJOR minnow (the tiny account busting butt releasing awesome stuff... but cant catch that break!)

While they will be rewarded, they are also available at a great rate for BEYOND BIT, BTS (bitshares) and WHALESHARES currently, so get them before the rush! 




How do I use em?

Well its very easy...  You use OL/DEX and send them to bambam808 with the link in the memo

How much it gon cost me?!

Enjoy the breakdowns <3

50 SKILLcoin = 10% upvote from a trail of 35 accounts 

100 SKILLcoin = 25% upvote from the trail of 39 accounts

While ninjawhale is small currently, major work is being done to add to its massive WHALE-ness <3  


Well... Its gonna be a wild ride with these SKILLcoins, and I am blessed to be a part of this amazing community.  I am currently looking for marketers and promoters who are interested in being a part of this amazing and quickly growing team of Steemians.  We stand for and will continue to reward: QUALITY , CREATIVITY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, DRIVE, and SKILL (which we believe comes in many different shapes, sizes, and forms!) We look forward to growing the team and sharing this coin with all the truly deserving Steemians out there :)  


SMOKE.Network Discord:

Believe in the medicinal properties of marijuana? Come check join the discussion!

SMOKE.Network Discord:


@ADSactly and the entire ADSactly Community,  They are doing amazing things! Come check out the community! 


Steemit is the Key... and Love is the driver! 

Come on by and give EosTalk a try!  You'll love the community and the knowledge! I know I do!

EosTalk Discord :



Check out my artwork. Do you think it is enough skillls ? I do custom models, toys and sculptures.

yes, yes and triple yes.
I have been oogling your stuff for a while now! haha! Id love to work something out-! do you have discord? I apologize I have been extremely busy!

Nice to hear that. Thanks. I installed discord but used few times. How can i find you there

my name on discord is @bambam808 :) I am stoked to chat!

Yeahhh that's great news mate! I am so glad to have you as sponsor of The Steemit Iron Chef contest where I will share some Skillcoins to the most talented chefs on steemit!
Looking forward to hear from you later on the whaletank!

Thank you! And I am glad to be able to sponsor such a great initiative. :)

Great to be working with you!

Woo let's go guys, keep on with the great, hard work and let's see this become something amazing and a great help for all! :D

Omfg. Did u hear me talk about whaletrails before or did you come up with this idea on your own? :D
Either way this is the first whaletrail coin! Congrats for a steem first with those skillcoins baby :^)

OMFG I done copy. lol. Fuck man, I am blessed to have the help and support from people like yourself! I am excited to be able to provide for the Steemians reaching toward their dreams!

I had some spare accounts and was working on @gsgaming with @bambam808 so we decided to partner! He is a great guy!

Hi there, I want to point out that you vote for witness.svk who is not active anymore for a long time. You can make dreams come true if you vote for me... I am new and active.. see my latest witness update.

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Awesome concept! 😎 am still lazing in bed but will take a thorough look at this when i am up! Glad i stumbled upon this @bambam808

Interesting concept. It would be nice if the idea takes off. It is like the waves platform in a way, in which anyone can create a token. I'm not really sure where it is going but time will tell

Interesting...thanks for the post

Can I still use the skill coin? Some is just laying around on my acc

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