Hey Steemit! This is my introduction.

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Hey everyone!

My name is Andrew, and I recently heard about Steemit by my great friend @jrue. He's been encouraging me to start a profile here, and I'm really happy to join this online community.

Anywho, this is me. And hey, you guessed it! That's my wife Brittany. We just got married this summer. The second picture is of my (step)son Caiden showing off his dance moves. Andrew Brittany Weber Wedding-0123.jpg
Andrew Brittany Weber Wedding-0414.jpg
(Photos taken by @jrue)

I live near Columbus Ohio, close by my two good friends @jrue and @yumyumseth. Here is a shot I took of downtown from an apartment building. W - Waterford-59.jpg

So, to get to the nitty gritty. I'm 25 years old, and am finishing up my bachelors degree in Business Administration at Franklin University. I graduate in the spring, and I can't wait! Ever since I was little, I loved taking my parents camera and taking too many pictures (it was film), and when digital became accessible, I would always mess around and take lots of pictures from weird angles, along with making murder mystery videos with my sister. It wasn't until 2013 that I got a Canon T2i, joined an online 365 project (https://tookapic.com/andreweweber) and started getting more serious. Now, I currently work as a freelance photographer in Columbus, with my main gig being a real estate photographer for the greater Columbus area. I also do weddings, parties, families, portraits, nature etc. Basically, I love taking pictures and am excited to both share my content, and see what other content this community shares!

Here is my verification picture (trying for the first time in my life to grow a beard, ha). IMG_20171218_190216934.jpg

So, I think the ride is almost over. I'll end this post with some of my favorite pictures that I've taken over the last few years. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to getting to know you all!

This is the milky way in Yosemite National Park in California. I took a trip with two friends of mine a few summers ago, and this night was a huge highlight of the trip.

This was also taken one day after the previous pic in Yosemite.

Banff National Park

From a real estate shoot in Dublin, Ohio.
1000 (1).jpg

This is from a recent wedding I shot.
Jeff and Elisabeth Yoder-0246.jpg

A portrait of my good friend Danny.
12-13 Danny Prairie Oaks-12.jpg

This is also Yosemite, and if you can't tell, I love this place.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to getting to know more about Steemit and the community here!

Andrew Weber

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Hi.. I @levinne welcome your arrival in steemit, hopefully in this steemit we can support each other, and know each other, I think you are a very good writer, I am waiting for your best work in this steemit, my best regards @levinne , If you like my comment follow and upvote, i will do the same thing to you. thanks.

Thank you! I'm really excited for the future on Steemit, and getting to know more about the other users like you here!

Congratulations to join in steemit @aweber, very happy to join you in steemit, hopefully in steemit we can know each other and support others, keep your friends work, show your best work in this steemit, my @muhammadikbal will upvote you 100% ... my beginner In steemit
Yours sincerely @muhammadikbal.

@muhammadikbal very good to meet you! Thanks for being so welcoming!

welcome to join friend, hope you can work well distemem this, regards to know from me @rerycore steemian origin indonesia

Very cool, thanks for the welcome!

Congratulations to join steemit .. Show the best work you have here, hopefully in this steemit we all share each other, both in terms of writing, and on upvote part, I @muhammadfajarm will always support you, regards me @muhammadfajarm

Thanks @muhammadfajarm for the support!

Eyyy. Nice to see you here!

Aaay. Good to be here!

Holy smokes those are some great photos! That shot of Banff is super 'framed on the wall' worthy! I have got to learn how to take starscape photos.... it looks so good!

Welcome to Steemit dude! Very happy to have you here!

Hey thanks a lot! My parents apparently agree with you, since they chose that one to put in their living room, ha. I could help teach you to take star pictures if you wanted! Just let me know!

Yes! Nailed it! Your parents have always had great taste (assumed).

I assume you need a super long exposure setting on your camera for star pictures yeah? A manual camera might be my first step.. I've got a Nikon AW1, I'm not sure it'll do it.

Correct. I usually shot around 25 seconds with a 24mm lens. I don't know about the model you're talking about, but it does take some nice gear to be able to capture good stars. It's really fun to do!

Ah... yeah, okay, that's a super long exposure time. Alright! Manual camera hunting here I go! Thanks man! Really happy to have you here on Steemit!

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!

Welcome man! Amazing photographies!

Hey, thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

Good stuff dude! That Danny picture is saucy.

Thanks bossman. Just went out to Prairie Oaks Tuesdays with him. I think he froze to death, but I had fun messing around with flash outside!

Looks good! Was it with your umbrella or what?

Yeah, with the cone on the back of his head

Welcome to steemit. Hopefully we can work together in this steemit

Sounds good to me!

Welcome to Steemit mate. Giving you an upvote and follow for your super nice photos but also cos of your hectic beard. I'm 38 in a month and still can't grow a beard for shit :(

It's a dream of mine to one day make it Yosemite National Park and visit the U.S in general. Congrats on getting married... all downhill from here ;)

If you're a bit lost on Steemit feel free to follow people that inspire you to produce better content and have a laugh. Heaps of tutorials around but seems like you already get the gist of it so good luck :)

You definitely need to make it out to Yosemite. It's easily one of the best parks I've ever been to. And thanks! I definitely feel new here but everyone seems very welcoming and it seems pretty cool here.

Woooow! really good stuff! Your last photo is awesome @aweber! Im going to add that place to my travel wishlist haha Welcome to steemit. I'm going to follow you and upvote this post. Have a nice week!

A big welcome to you @aweber, Am glad to have you here on steemit. I love that picture you took of those couples. Really exceptional. I see you going places on steemit. I can't wait to see all the lovely stuffs you'll be posting on here. You welcomed. Since you are into photography, follow @czechglobalhosts, he has some contests that might interest you. You can earn serious SBD from his photo challenge see you at the top

I just resteemed, followed and upvoted your post also,so that more people will see this post and support it too.

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If you are good at designing logos, you can join the contest also. Thanks so much for your help.

That's an awesome logo! I'll definitely go do that. Best of luck with the competition!

Thanks very much sweet. The sky is your limit on steemit. It will all be in your favour

Welcome to the community, you really know how to write a good article, your account will blow up soon if you continy this quality.

Thank you! I've never thought of myself as a good writer, but I appreciate that! I look forward to seeing what Steemit is all about!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Your photos are truly amazing!

Thanks Tyler!

Wow, love the pics... beautiful. Welcome and I'm sure you will enjoy the community here!

Thanks for the kind words! I look forward to learning more about Steemit

You are welcome here @aweber, I am seeing you doing great here and also happy married life. Enjoy!!

Thank you! It's been a fast 6 months with her, I'm excited for the rest ha. Thanks for the welcome!

Welcome to the family :)

Thanks @howie

Welcome. I have upvoted this post. I am new here too. So far most members are helpful.

My most welcomed post so far is an experience I had when doing crypto trading the first time. It is reaching $18 for potential payout and for a 4-day-old newbie, I guess it is considered good.

Take a look if you like using the link below.

I definitely need to read up more about crypto, thanks for the link!

Wow! You take some breathtaking photos.
I absolutely love the wedding photo with the vibrant green and the golden sun just blending into bliss...

Whoa, got lost in the photo...

Anyway, welcome to Steemit!
I have followed you as I absolutely want to see more of what you have!

Feel free to follow me as well if interested.

Thank you! I was super happy with the final product of that photo. I'll follow you back, and am excited to see more of you on here

Great post! I am new at steemit, and a newly wed also. Congrats bro! I have you have lots of success. Loved the pics. You will have to share more.

Thank you! How long have you been married?

You're welcome! Going on 3 months.

Hi @aweber, welcome onboard the steem community. Nice photos especially the Milky Way and looking forward to your upcoming photos too.

Congrats on your wedding as well 👍🏻

Thanks for the kind words! I look forward to knowing about this place!

Lots of places to be explore 😏

You take really nice pictures! Looking forward to more of your photos. Welcome to steemit!

Thank you! So far Steemit seems pretty awesome!

Great intro post... you were well advised. Your photography is excellent especially those shots of the Milky Way... very impressive! Great to have you onboard.

I appreciate that! I wish I lived out where I could take those pictures all the time! It's great to be here!

Wow, your photos are beautiful! I can't seem to remember that I had to take a verification picture. Is it something new?

Thanks! And no, I don't think you have to, it was just recommended.

Ah, ok, thanks.

Very cool congratulations welcome aboard here is some votes.

Thank you for the votes and the welcome!

Hi..., welcome to steemit.
I think you are a great writer, I like your posts.
Yes, if you like art, like sketch of facial drawing, and natural sketch, and other kind of drawing art, you can visit my account named @aldul02, there I post my work, hope hope you like it.

Looks like you have some very creative black and white art! Keep up the good work!

Congratulation and welcome to the Steemit @aweber. Hope you are enjoy here. Have nice day.

Thank you! You too!

Great to see all of the Buckeyes on here, we are early adopters!

That's right! I see you live in Pittsburgh, are you originally from Ohio?

Close to Youngstown, graduated from OSU in 2013. Great to connect.

Right on. Good to connect with you as well!

welcome to steemit @aweber
just keep it real here. have fun, and keep engaging with successful steemians who will guide you to success. keep it coming dear

I appreciate the direction. I look forward to being a part of the community here!

Sure and I look forward in playing my role to ensure you have a pleasurable steeming hot experience. Do find time to check some of my health tips...keep steeming hot

Welcome to Steemit. I love the Milky Way shot !

Thank you @greatdabu!

You have an awesome childhood and family! Welcome to the community bro @aweber. Looking forward for your next post! Keep on steeming, have a good one!


Thanks dude! Looks like you have some good stuff on your profile!

Actually i’m also a newcomer to the community, just starting to think what content should i post. Haha

I had read your introduction. I saw your a table tennis player. We should play sometime ha. Come on over to Ohio!

Hi,friend. Welcome to Steemit. It's great to have you here. I wish you good luck as you blog in our community. @greatness96

Awesome pictures, looking forward to see more!
You should check out @czechglobalhosts, he is doing daily nature picture challenges - Guess you could add a lot of value there! And hey, you might win some great upvotes and SBD!
Resteemed you via @welcoming, my page for resteeming promising newcomers! Check out the other newbies!

That's so awesome! Somebody else also informed me of that page, so I definitely plan on trying that out! Thank you for the recommendation! Also thanks so much for resteeming it on @welcoming, that's great!

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Sweet! Thanks for the info

Welcome to steem family...... We are glad AND excited to have you here

Ones in a while you can also visit my blog @abiye and check out some interesting article

Sounds good! I'll definitely check them out!

Wow ! Those are some really great photos! I am a photography enthusiast, hopefully some day I will be able to shoot as good as you do.

Love the real estate pic definition and clarity!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing your work!

Beautiful photos! I've followed and I look forward to seeing more of your shots.

I followed you back. Thanks for the follow and the encouragement!

Welcome aboard! That's a nice introduction post. Look forward to some inetersting posts from you!

Thanks! It's good to be aboard :)

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@aweber, you have a very nice introduction & nice pictures! Congratulations for your marriage, your recent achievement in your education & we look forward to hear from you more. :)

Thanks for being so welcoming! I am excited to be here!

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Hello! Welcome to the Steemit Community! I can't wait to see your content

Hi stemian... Welcome to steemit .., I am newcomer also here, best regards from me @takin88, thank you ..

Awesome I'm sure we will both learn a lot more about Steemit. Seems pretty sweet so far