Hey! I'm Avant - An Avid Computer Geek and Procrastinator

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Hey there, Steemit!

About Me!

My name is Joel, and I'm 18 years old, and I live in London, England. I am interested in computer science, and like any other 18 year old, I'm glued to my computer. It brings me joy when you have a tool as great as the internet to use to connect with millions over the world. Learning about new cultures and traditions

I heard about Steemit from a good friend of mine, @arckrai. At first, I was sceptical about the platform, as I would ask about the system and it baffled me how it has any value and how people can even make money out of thin air.

However, Jake introduced me to the community and the idea of Steemit, and I fell in love with it. The community behind Steemit seems so amazing, and the monetisation of your hard work is just a bonus!

Jake has also got me into looking at cryptocurrencies. I'm a huge newbie, and I doubt I'll be an avid trader but I'll probably collect some of the top 10 currencies and leave them for a few years and come back.


One of my favourite hobbies is reading. I just love it. The feeling you get when you pick up a book and completely immerse yourself into it is truly astonishing. I am quite open when picking what type of book I read; it could be a fictional story that takes me to another dimension or a non-fiction book which stuns me with brilliant facts about life. Whatever it is, reading never fails to blow me away.

My favourite food has to... hmm... now I think of it I can't think of a dish that really sticks out. This might be a bit cliche, but I have to go with pizza. Although I need to start hitting the gym and being more healthy pizza is just an easy go-to food that works for any situation. You can have it for all the necessary snacking periods such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and a hangover.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!



Hi @avant "Welcome to Steemit"Greetings know,
hopefully by joining you can add insight and knowledge for us all through your useful post 🤗
hopefully with your presence give a new color in steemit, hopefully with expertise you have can add insight for readers who use steemit account wherever they are. And do not forget, If you are a person who likes to read short stories and a poet lover, you can browse and read on my account at @endatu. There I write it. Thank you, compact greeting always. Best regards steemers

I do love myself a poem from time to time.
I started following you @endatu
Thank you for the warm welcome

U are welcome @avant

U are welcome @avant

welcome to steemit @avant, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊

Thank you @devsuraj

@avant welcome to steemit Enjoy the sweet rewards or creativity
Merry Christmas

Welcome to [email protected] This is the best community u can join. Happy to have you here, following you immediately

Nice one bro, you are welcome to steemit community, have fun and keep posting and keep earning and most importantly tell a friend to tell a friend about steemit.com.

thank you for your warm welcome

Hey ho @avant :)
Welcome! Since I'm also freshman here on Steemit I can only say keep on doing like that and see you around for sure :)

Thank you.
I hope to see you around aswell

Wellcome dear.
follow me and vote me.

Thank you for the welcome! :)

Welcome to Steem Community the most exciting platform ever @avant!

Tips: Don't forget to share this post on your Facebook page, Google+, Twitter and the rest. It help advertise this platform for more newbies. Bless you.

As a splendid reminder, Kindly ensure to keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

Remember to always post your best. Don't copy from written article online. Beware of @cheetah because she is ready to catch you, i.e, plagiarism is seriously frown upon here.

If you are a religion post writer too, you can get more exposure from this discord channel.

To mingle with great Nigerians. Join the movement on discord now.

I remain @stevenmosoes and ready to see you at the top if you are ready to go to the top.


It sure does look really exciting. I'll be aware not to copy and paste articles Thank you

Hello there, fellow procrastinator. Welcome to Steemit! Enjoy your time here..

I'm glad there is someone else who is willing to admit they procrastinate lol

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I really was not expecting that

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hey dude, welcome to the platform - you say you are a Procrastinator, what happens? distraction economy? -- take a watch of my videos over at @teamvideo and maybe they will help you focus on steemit. trust me, it's worth it. the people here are amazing and supportive if you find your tribe.

liked and upvoted. Welcome to Steemit! Nice to see young people investing.

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